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    Dr. Rottwell leads the Dunwich Sanatorium. He's a hopelessly insane genius whose gruesome machinations have earned him the nickname, Doctor Rot.

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    Algernon Rottwell was a twisted man from a very young age. He went from trying to creating zombies out of dead cats, to becoming a psychopathic murderer. This led him to the Dunwich Sanatorium, an asylum for the insane where it was that the doctors diagnosed him as "incurable." Soon after, Rottwell caused a riot, and used the ensuing chaos as a cover to take control of Dunwich. Many of the doctors and nurses were killed during the riot, and so Rottwell had some of the patients become the new staff, leaving him unopposed to stand as Doctor Rottwell. However, he soon earned the nickname, "Doctor Rot."


    Doctor Rottwell was created by Jason Aaron and Yanick Paquette. He first appeared in 2009's Wolverine: Weapon X #6.

    Major Story Arcs

    Insane In The Brain

    While in charge of Dunwich, Rottwell was able to kidnap people from nearby homeless shelters to use for his experiments. He used his "brain machines" to render them helpless and then took them to the sanatorium, where they were either killed or completely brainwashed. Wolverine heard about the missing men from the shelter and decided to stay there to investigate one night. The plan failed however, as Rottwell overpowered him with his machines. With no knowledge of who he really was, Rottwell dubbed him as "Patient X." Rottwell toyed with Wolverine as he struggled with reality in the mental hospital since he couldn't tell who he really was, or how he got there.

    The God Brain.
    The God Brain.

    Through his leadership at Dunwich, Rottwell would collect the brains of his patients and innocent victims, and then used them to construct what he called "The God Brain," a powerful, psychic machine which he could be able to use to spread his insanity.

    When Nightcrawler and Psylocke came to Dunwich to find Wolverine, they discovered The God Brain, and Psylocke stated that it could brainwash everyone in the nearby city if fully activated. While analyzing Wolverine's brain, Rottwell was awestruck at the work Weapon X had completed. After studying the analysis further, Rottwell was able to brainwash Wolverine even further so that at any given time he could make him kill by unveiling a certain code phrase (which has yet to be revealed).

    Psylocke was eventually able to carefully deactivate enough of The God Brain to keep it from subduing everyone in Dunwich, and so Wolverine was able to break free from Rottwell's control and set out to kill him. Rottwell proved to be a persistent opponent though, as even when Wolverine slashed him so that his intestines fell out, he simply wound up using them to try and strangle Wolverine. When Rottwell's nurse started attacking Wolverine, Rottwell hastily patched himself up and used a giant nutcracker to crack open a passing patient's head and steal his brain. He then jerry-rigged it into a psychic bomb, which he set off when Wolverine finally found him again. The bomb wound up driving everyone within the vicinity completely insane for 30 seconds, giving Rottwell all the time he needed to escape.

    Later seen being fully stitched up by his nurse, Rottwell had some fun and called Wolverine to slip him the trigger phrase, after which Wolverine went out and harvested a person's brain for Rottwell without having any recollection of it. Rottwell looked forward to plenty more fun in the future.


    For more information see: Rot

    Dr. Rottwell is using Wolverine to commit murders and harvest brains all across the country. Wolverine has tracked Dr. Rot back to Dunwich Sanatorium but Dr. Rot left some Meat Puppets and surveillance brains behind to watch what Logan does.

    When Logan finally finds the Rottwell Estate, after meeting Dr. Rot's biological father, Dr. Rot sends Baylee Ann, Tater, and Charlie Chainsaws to ambush him. Tater is killed but not before he utters the trigger phase that paralyzes Wolverine. Once back inside Logan is bond and Dr. Rot introduces him to the rest of the family, Mrs. Rottwell, his mother and Atremus Nicodemus Rottwell, his great-great-grandfather and inspiration.

    Dr. Rot then show Logan his new improved God Brain, and does some more experiments on Logan. He pulls out more of Logans memories, and turns Logan into a puppet that the dead Tater can control. He then unleashes his family and a mind controlled Logan on some FBI agents and Melita Garner, who came along with agent Dennis Wells.

    Unknown to Dr. Rot, Logan is able to overcome the mind control and kill Baylee Ann, Charlie, and Mrs Rottwell. While Dr. Rot looks for the rest of his family Logan shows up with the body of Atremus and attacks Dr. Rot. Logan then cuts off Dr. Rottwell's head, and burns down Rottwell Estate.

    Later Nurse Fester starts a machine and Dr. Rottwell falls out the bottom, alive and in one piece. He then promises Nurse Fester that this is far from over.

    Powers and Abilities

    Despite being seriously mentally disturbed, Rottwell is actually a brilliant surgeon and inventor. His specialty involves brains, with which he is able to build very powerful psychic machines, ones that even an experienced X-Man like Wolverine couldn't resist.

    Rottwell also seems to exhibit the unmatched physical endurance that is typical of psychopaths, as he barely even slowed down after Wolverine gutted him.


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