Dr. Regulus

    Character » Dr. Regulus appears in 37 issues.

    Doctor Regulus possesses solar energy powers, enabling him to generate heat or light from his person in immeasurable quantities. He can recharge his powers through exposure to the Arion star.

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    Current Events

    Dr. Regulus was last seen in Superboy Prime's Legion of Super-Villains. It is unknown whether he is around after Flashpoint.


    Doctor Zaxton Regulus was working at Metropolis Fusion Power's main branch on latter 30th Century Earth, experimenting with the concept of multiplying solar energy via radioactive gold isotopes. An unforeseen accident caused the experiment to explode, taking the life of a young lab assistant and injuring Regulus and Dirk Mogna, the son of the plant manager. Regulus was fired and blamed Dirk for his dismissal. Seeking revenge, Regulus used robots to beat Dirk and left him to die in the core of the plant's reactor, but Dirk survived and inadvertently gained super powers.

    Regulus then adopted a criminal lifestyle and continued experiments with radioactive gold. He clashed with the Legion of Super-Heroes and with his old nemesis Dirk Mogna, who was now the Legionnaire named Sun Boy. Realising that even the radioactive gold powered devices he had created could not defeat the Legionnaires. Regulus created the artificial Arion star and used its energies to give him solar powers.


    Dr. Regulus was created by writer Jim Shooter and penciler George Papp.

    Character Evolution

    Dr. Regulus started off hating Dirk Morgna. His hatred widened to the Legion of Super-Heroes when he continued to create experiments with radioactive gold. His criminal lifestyle has also been a lead into conflict with the Legion.

    Powers and Abilities

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    Body Armor: Dr. Regulus has body armor that is radioactive and gives him some protecting from physical and energy attacks.

    Light and Heat Generation: Dr. Regulus can generate any amount of solar energy in the form of heat and light. He can also absorb any type of solar energy.

    Flight: Dr. Regulus also has the ability of flight.


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