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The father of Marlene Alraune, Peter Alraune Sr was an archaeologist who spent years searching the Sudan desert just south of Egypt for ancient artefacts where he would discover the ancient tomb of Pharoah Seti Ill outside of the town of Selima.

His daughter by his side, they would soon meet face to face with evil mercenary Raoul Bushman, and soon to be Moon Knight, Marc Spector!


Dr Alraune, along with his daughter, were created by Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz, for the first ever issue of Moon Knight. As the story goes, Alraune's discovery and his death led to the events that would establish mercenary Marc Spector as the avatar of Khonshu.

The Macabre Moon Knight

Having discovered the tomb of Seti Ill outside of Selima, Dr Alraune and his team's joy was to be short lived. Waging war against Sudanese rebels there, terrorist mercenary Bushman caught wind of events and made it his mission to loot the tomb for valuables.

Sickened by his savagery and wickedness, mercenary for hire Marc Spector quit, but would find himself stuck in the middle of further bloodshed when Dr Alraune would attempt to murder Bushman in order to prevent him ruining his work and stealing the artefacts.

Dr Alraune was then murdered by Bushman instead when Spector intervened and tried to prevent any more deaths that day. Chasing Bushman into the desert to avenge the doctor was Spector's first step towards becoming the avatar of Khonshu, the Moon Knight. Dying in the attempt of justice and being resurrected by Khonshu himself was the next.

Marc Spector would find Bushman and defeat him to avenge Dr Alraune and then he would take Marlene under his wing!


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