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Growing up short, Dr. NoZone was regularly picked on as a kid. The teasing slowly drove him insane.


Dr. NoZone was created by Michael T. Gilbert as an enemy for Mr. Monster.

Character Evolution

Working out of his Citadel of Science, Dr. NoZone had kidnapped Kelly Friday. His headquarters is guarded by giant robot gladiators, a Sizzle-Master Electrovolt sidewalk and Octo-Hounds. Nonetheless, Mr. Monster managed to infiltrate the headquarters, but was promptly shrunk down in size by Dr. NoZone. Mr. Monster ended up in another dimension, where he battled rubbery monsters, until he noticed a rip in the fabric of space high above him. Hearing faint laughter from Dr. NoZone coming from the rift, Mr. Monster concluded that to be his escape from that dimension. Using the rubber bodies of the monsters to bounce towards the rift, Mr. Monster escaped the dimension and managed to shrink Dr. NoZone himself, sending him to the same dimension Mr. Monster just escaped from.

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