Dr. No-Face

    Character » Dr. No-Face appears in 10 issues.

    An old Batman villain. His technology was later enhanced into the masks worn by the Question.

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    While demonstrating his new skin rejuvenation ray, Doctor Paul Dent suffers an accident that literally erases his face. Traumatized by his horrific appearance, Dent runs screaming into the night. Responding to the Bat-Signal, Batman and Robin find Dent, now calling himself "Doctor No-Face", shooting at movie posters in Gotham Square. Batman attempts to reason with Doctor No-Face. When a stray rifle shot brings a live electrical cable down into the street, Batman and Robin are distracted long enough for Doctor No-Face to escape. Doctor No-Face next appears at the Gotham Museum. Knocking out the night watchman with a gas capsule, Doctor No-Face begins torching portraits.

    Alerted by a silent alarm, Batman and Robin intervene. Once again, Doctor No-Face escapes, this time by barring the Caped Crusaders' path with an enormous plaque. Doctor No-Face continues his bizarre crime spree across Gotham City, destroying the faces of clocks, statues and masks. Batman and Robin catch up to Doctor No-Face after he's already robbed the Gotham Jewel Exchange. Batman trails Doctor No-Face to a quarry, arriving just as the Faceless Fiend has thrown a valuable emerald into a rock-crusher. Though Batman upends the trough the emerald landed in, the gemstone is, nonetheless, crushed, destroying it's jeweled "face".

    An offhand comment leads the Dynamic Duo to Mount Gotham. There, they find Doctor No-Face sandblasting the Batman Face Monument. Doctor No-Face severs Batman's line with the sandblaster. With Batman dangling from the monument's lips, Robin is quick to disengage the sandblaster's hose, before Doctor No-Face can fire the kill shot. With Doctor No-Face disarmed, Batman easily binds the Faceless Fiend, and carts him off to jail. Things, though, are not as they seem. Doctor No-Face is really Bart Magan, a career criminal. Magan approached Dent to have the scars removed from his face. When Dent refused, Magan subjected himself to the skin rejuvenation ray, erasing his own face.

    Magan took the accident as an opportunity to frame Dent for his crimes. Batman, Robin and Police Commissioner Gordon expose Magan as the true face of Doctor No-Face. Magan failed to take into account Dent's extreme acrophobia. Dent could never have suspended himself at such an elevation to deface the monument. A quick fingerprint check uncovered Magan's identity. Rounding up Magan's criminal associates, Batman discovers that Doctor No-Face's destructive rampage was really a smokescreen to cover several robberies. The real emerald, as well as several valuable paintings are recovered. HIs ruse revealed, Magan faces a long sentence in Gotham Penitentiary


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