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    Dr. Niles Roman is a Cold War era spymaster, scientific director then mutate conspiracist war criminal . An enemy of X-Force during 2001 'Counter X' series.

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    ##Brief History

    Little is known of the past childhood of Dr. Niles Roman nor his motivations as a percieved defector to both United States and USSR governments.

    Dr. Niles Roman was a scientific director to a splinter intelligence cell of the Office of Scientific Investigation for the CIA in the 1950's through the early 1980's. Born of brilliance equal of Mr. Fantastic and with a perception for twisted experiments on par to Josef Mengele, Dr. Niles Roman lead a rouge black operations unit called CUCKOO that orchestrated illicit war crimes that rendered him a potential threat to the Soviet Union. Stealing and derriving technologies and information rivaling agencies with ten times the resources of CUCKOO, the Soviet Union sought Dr. Roman's assassination twice only to succeed in 1954. Reanimated through mutagenic sciences by CUCKOO, Dr. Roman went further underground into absolute secclusion only to be labeled a paranoid delusional and war criminal.

    'Games Without Frontiers.'

    The 2000 reinvention of X-Force are rebuilt with Pete Wisdom as its leader along with Bedlam, Cannonball, Boom-Boom and Warpath in tow. Forsaking human/mutant civil rights to combat war crimes from criminal spy organizations, X-Force had reciently overtaken a mutative weapon unleashed into Russia after escaping from a scientific compound. The weapon, Meatspores Stormtroopers, were biological technology blobs that were programmed to reproduce after cannibalizing living organisms. The Meatspore Stormtroopers were destroyed by Bedlam with an EMP blast to their micro-technological bodies.

    Reconvening with information on the bio-weapon by Russian officer Valentina Rychenko that the Meatspore tech derrived from CUCKOO resources in San Francisco, Peter Wisdom sets to venture to the city for R&R as well research to understand the actions of CUCKOO.

    In latter effects, Dr. Niles Roman would be revealed to had attempted to set an experiment in San Francisco remenent to the CIA's MKULTRA experiments with LSD study and attempting to test drugs on unsuspecting citizens within San Francisco in the sixties and seventies. Dr. Roman had been curious regarding a human-mutant based ground war and sought to develop means to study the data as well as counter-defense measures against such violence. In his malformed state he developed the bio-reactor engine; A mutative energy device that could turn low-level mutants into full mutants with a hostile reaction towards normal humans. The project was disavowed by Dr. Roman's superiors and the engine was allegedly dismantled, but in fact buried with a time-release device that set to activate decades later.

    The bio-reactor activated years afterwards in 2000 with X-Force arriving before the effects of the energy wave could hit them right at the time Dr. Roman arrived with his medic-servant Ford to surveil and study the violence overtaking San Francisco. The X-Force safe-housed themselves into a SHIELD surveillance station long decommisioned to set orders to destroy the bio-reactor's feedback to the violent mutants on ground while setting to allocate Dr. Roman on his war crimes. In the city, Cannonball successfully destroyed Dr. Roman's bio-reactor engine, but not before Dr. Roman traced the X-Force's headquarters for spying on his surveillance work as well destroying his weapon and research.

    The effects of X-Force's sabotage on Dr. Roman's war experiment lead Dr. Roman to shoot and kill Pete Wisdom at the teams' safe-house.

    ' Rage War.'

    With the effects of burying Pete Wisdom, the return of Domino and their prior battle with the mutant assassin Marcus Tsung, the X-Force team regrouped to meet with Russian officer Valentina Rychenko once again in her efforts to deactivate and destroy a Cold War weapon operation set up by her father derrived from Meatspore Storm-troopers: Warborgs and the mutated Russian Sleepers.

    The Russian Sleepers were engineered in par with research specs by Dr. Niles Roman and the geneticist, Dr. Constantin Rancal, who is also Valentina's father. Dr. Rancal used the Stormtrooper's bio-mech atop with deep brainwashing effects to take premier Russian agents to act as United States citizens to become mutated bio-weapons in the event of nuclear fallout on either faction during the Cold War. As selectively activated Russian Sleepers set to kill the deep programmed spies in said towns, the inexpectency of them having children threw the operation into a tailspin leading Dr. Rancal to abduct and potentially remove their mutagenic abilities. In Rychenko's attempt to obligate her father's wishes to prevent another war between Russia and USA, revitalized cyborg weapons called Warborgs set to eliminate her until she contacted X-Force to intervene her assist beforehand.

    When the battle resulted in Warpath's poisoning by the Warborgs, Dr. Constantin Rancal would later come to rescue him at a secretive lab where some of the children taken from the Russian Sleepers, most girls, were under suspended animation to have their mutagenic DNA suppressed. At the same time the combat that took place in California beforehand would be acknowledged by Nick Fury of SHIELD who set to intervene to aid the X-Force to prevent a potential national incidence with X-Force enacting as independent mercenaries.

    Dr. Niles Roman would resurface with the intention of having taken some of the Russian Sleeper children for himself into a seccluded scientific laboratory armed with Warborgs and implimented with mercenaries and CUCKOO derrived equipment to manifest potential purestrain mutagenic soldiers from the Russian Sleepers children. The X-Force set to intervene through SHIELD assistance as back-up to destroy the laboratory and kill Dr. Roman. Dr. Niles Roman mete against the X-Force to insist his methods in the past came down to prevent a subversive alien invasion with the Bio-Reactor from their last battle to recovert humanity and the planet into a single living organism to prevent humanity from having its DNA overwritten by a prehistoric alien symbiote allegedly possessed by Domino long since removed by The Department rep Romany Wisdom. When X-Force asked if Dr. Roman could uphold proof or evidence to his claims, Dr. Roman only responded that his superiors were good at keeping secrets.

    Upon the revelation of his dual obligations of expermenting on innocents and set on overthrowing corrupt governments from splicing human DNA with an alien invader, Romany Wisdom lead orders to have Valentina Rychenko, since revealed a weaponized Life Model Decoy (L.M.D.) become armed and convert into a bomb to destroy the laboratory, X-Force and Dr. Niles Roman. Whether the real Valentina Rychenko existed in the duration of the mission, was replaced by Nick Fury, a fascade by Dr. Constantin Rancal, or was a ruse by an outside government force to eliminate both Dr. Roman and the X-Force entirely is not known.


    The X-Force survived their bombing experience with the exception of Dr. Niles Roman reportedly dead. The X-Force went underground to avoid further assassin attempts on their lives despite latter vigilante terrorist strikes against Genetech in South America and surviving an assassin attempt against them by a mutant who destroyed a whole airplane they intended to board but later chose not to by Domino's intuition.

    The culprit they set to combat would go back to London, England and the prior following of Alistaire Stuart of Black Air would become their conspirator enemy in a eugenic operation lead by Pete Wisdom's sister Romany Wisdom who utilized the device removed from Domino, a prehistoric regenerative alien symbiote, fashioned onto a city underground derrived from test subjected criminals and soldiers. In Romany's desire to re-engineer humanity away from criminal proclivities and diseases with the communistic approach of rewriting human DNA with alien bio-tech. The X-Force learned that Dr. Roman set motion to safeguard humanity from becoming absent of free-will and set to defect Romany's offer to deform the human race. Resistance from X-Force lead Romany to use the base of operations to destroy the X-Force who in return used their powers to destroy Romany's base as well the lives that were transfromed within it. With Domino the sole percieved survivor of the mission interrogated by Alistaire Stuart, Pete Wisdom returned by inexplicable reasons, set to take a further look at his sister's misdeeds later on. The X-Force disbanded permanently afterwards to change into a reality TV program that soon became X-Statix. Dr. Niles Roman has not been seen since.

    Powers and Abilities:

    In his youth, Dr. Roman possessed the normal strength and abilities of a man of his age, height, weight and engaged under moderate exercise. He held minimal super-powers before his assassination beyond super-intelligence to equal Mr. Fantastic. He is proficient in military strategy, helicopters, self-defense, guns, espionage, and multiple sciences. After his assassination he was regenerated from mutative surgery rendered an alleged cripple of some brain damage. Whether Dr. Roman is genuinely insane, crippled, or merely lying is uncertain. To his resources he is independantly wealthy and has a cache of resources from CUCKOO inclusive but not limited to mercenaries, safe-houses, Warborgs, mutative weapons of destruction, and Meatspores Storm-Troopers.


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