Dr. Nikken

    Character » Dr. Nikken appears in 19 issues.

    Genectic scientist who was responsible for creating the Elephmantmen. His methods are ruthless and cold.

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    Dr. Nikken is MAPPO's head genetecist in charge of creating the Elephantmen. At his facility in North Africa 2218, he fails to create a stable hybrid using an artifical womb. He resolves to kidnap local females and use them as hosts for the Elephantmen. In 2224 he succesfully extracts Hip Flask from his human mother, killing her. Hip Flask is raised alongside others like him to be unstopable soldiers. Dr. Nikken's voice is played over the PA system in the facility to reinforce their obedience. In 2240 the UN storms Dr. Nikken's facility killing his men and saving the Elephantmen. Dr. Nikken is taken into custody and imprisoned.


    Dr. Nikken was created by Richard Starking.


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