Dr. Mindbender

    Character » Dr. Mindbender appears in 288 issues.

    Dr. Mindbender is a mind control and interrogation specialist. He is also an accomplished scientist. He’s shown above normal prowess in genetics, cloning, and cybernetics.

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    Dr. Mindbender replaced Dr. Venom as Cobra's top scientist after Dr. Venom was killed in action. He is the genius behind the creation of the Battle Android Troopers and Serpentor.

    During the Cobra civil war on Cobra Island he sided with Serpentor against Cobra Commander, who is actually Fred VII, a Crimson Guardsman that was impersonating Cobra Commander without anyone’s knowledge. After Serpentor's death Dr. Mindbender quickly switches sides. When the real Cobra Commander returned he imprisoned everyone that betrayed him in a landlocked ship which was then buried beneath a volcano. Dr. Mindbender was among the Cobra operatives branded as traitors. The doctor managed to freeze Serpentor's body which was also buried in the ship.

    Before an escape that could be initiated, Dr. Mindbender dies in the ship but is later cloned. His clone serves Cobra Commander for a period of time. When Serpentor is reborn and forms Coil, Dr. Mindbender stands by his side again. Serpentor is defeated again with the help of G.I. Joe. Dr. Mindbender is captured by Cobra and is taken before Cobra Commander. He offers Cobra Commander his latest invention in exchange for sparing his life. The invention is a weapon of mass destruction called the Tempest. When Cobra Commander gains control of the Tempest he shoots Dr. Mindbender in the back, apparently killing him.


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