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McNinja Clinic
McNinja Clinic

Dr McNinja was born to Dan and Mitzi McNinja, a pair of Irish ninjas. Dr McNinjas first name can never be revealed because of the actions of a as of yet unknown wizard. At a young age Dr McNinja showed More interest in the sciences than murdering, and this worried his parents. He decided to study medicine at college instead of becoming a professional murderer.

In the present day Dr. McNinja runs a small clinic just outside Cumberland, the city which he protects with the help of his sidekick Gordito Delgado. McNinja has had a wide number of adventures, each more bizzare than the last. In the story "Army of one" it is revealed that the doctor has many PhD's thank to a cloning process developed by his mentor Benjamin Franklin.

Dr. McNinja treats every patient and runs his clinic with the help of his gorilla secretary Judy. His first adventure was defeating McDonalds' own Ronald after they stole his name in order to sell fart burgers.

Creation and evolution

The character of Dr McNinja was created by Christopher Hastings in 2004 as part of an art project for School of Visual Arts, New York, which he was attending at the time. Dr McNinja's first appearance was in "Issue one and a half" ,which was also part of the project that created Dr McNinja. In this first stories Dr McNinja is quite violent and Christopher Hastings himself described the Doctor in this story as very similar to dead pool and an ill defined character in general. In later stories Dr McNinja becomes less violent and all though he is shown willing to kill on many occasions he is also shown to be a champion of justice and protector of the weak. In the story "Future Trading" Dr McNinja travels to a possible future where intelligent dinosaurs have taken over the earth and killed many of the doctors friends and family. In that particular story we see a softer side of Dr McNinja.

Major Story Arcs

Meet the Doctor and his friendly staff

Dr.McNinja's first real adventure began when a mother brought her young son to Dr.McNinja's office, mostly because it was the only doctor's office open at the time. Dr.McNinja soon diagnosed the child with Paul Bunyan's disease, a disease which causes people to turn into giant lumberjacks. The boy proceeded to transform, but Dr.McNinja was able to knock him out. He then went to acquire the cure for Paul Bunyan's disease at an unknown facility in the woods. After fighting through a barrage of guards Dr.McNinja was able to get the cure and return to the boy just in time to save the boy and his gorilla receptionist Judy from lumberjack poachers. The boy was cured, but as a side effect would no longer be able to grow facial hair.

So What is a McNinja?

In Dr.McNinja's second adventure he visited his parents and brother for Katanakka, a celebration of his family's origins. Unfortunately Dr.McNinja becomes angry with his parents who don't enjoy him being a doctor so he ends up leaving to a bar. At the bar he meets a pirate who tricks him into helping capture his family. After being betrayed Dr.McNinja sets out to save his family. He quickly begins slaughtering the pirates on their ship and with the help of frozen clover ninja stars he's able to save the day and the pirates are beaten. He comes to term with his parents hating his job.

There is a Raptor in My Office

Dr.McNinja returns to clinic only to find that there's a raptor trashing his office. He easily defeats the raptor, and decides to track down where it came from. He attacks a group of random workers at a warehouse, reasoning that this is what Batman would do. The workers know nothing, but luckily are listening to a report on the news announcing how a couple was attacked by a raptor. Dr.McNinja breaks into the clinic where the couple are being held in order to find out more information about the raptor from them. Dr.McNinja finds out the couple was robbed and that the raptors had riders. He returns to his own clinic and tries to tame the raptor, which has named Yoshi. Yoshi escapes, and Dr.McNinja has to recapture him in a park. After this Dr.McNinja is attacked by raptor riding bandits who are apparently Yoshi's true owner. He easily defeats the bandits, but they escape. He later finds that the bandits have a myspace account and a blog. It turns out that the bandits are actually palaeontologists who are attempting to kill a large abed man who had stolen the leader's myspace girlfriend. Dr.McNinja realizes that the abed man is a model who actually is insane is and has formed his own organic backpack. Dr.McNinja and his new allies confront Ronald McDonald in order to find out where he keeps the extra McNinja burgers from before Dr.McNinja forced him to stop producing them, because they power the organic jet pack. Dr.McNinja then goes with the bandit/palaeontologists to confront the model. After a short battle a mysterious stranger shots the mode's organic jet pack causes him to crash. The man claims he did this to end a conspiracy by the news station to create interesting stories. As the story ends the bandits leave, but they allow Gordito, the leaders nephew who grew a mustace through sheer force of will, to stay with Dr.McNinja as his sidekick.

D.A.R.E to Resist Ninja Drugs and Ninja Violence

Twenty years ago evil danish film star Frans Rayner battled Dan McNinja, Dr McNinja's father, for leadership of the American Ninja Guild and Rayner was near to winning until a younger Doc found his weak spot and helped his father win. In the present day Rayner is back with a bunch if mooks high on a drug that gives them ninja powers and he planning to kill not only Dan, but the doc himself. Now the Doctor is forced to make a choice, whether he will stay with his mentor Benjamin Franklin and discover a cure for death or help his father beat Rayner. It is also revealed in this story that Rayner was responsible for the 1980's ninja holocaust.

Revenge of the Hundred Dead Ninja

The ninjas have risen from the dead and are attacking the Doc's home town Cumberland,Maryland. Luckily the mayor of the town, Chuck Goodrich, has a trick up his sleeve.

I Told You That Story So I Could Tell You This One

Gordito, the doctors 12 year old sidekick, is sent away to train with the McNinja family while the Doctor invetigates the cause of the zombie outbrake. Meanwhile a super hero known as Beeman is shot dead and ends up in purgatory, where he meets and starts to talk to the deceased Benjamin Franklin, who may have had something to do with the zombie outbreak.

Spooky Stuff

The reason why Gordito, the 12 year old boy, has a mustache is revealed. The now resurrected Ben Franklin has become an undead creature who feeds on hair and is being tormented by visitors from the spirit realm. The Doc finds out that Franklin had unwittingly obtained his eternal life serum from Dracula, so the Doc starts investing vampires. A vampire reveals that Ben is now part Headless Horseman, with hair consumption serving as the trigger preventing him from transforming fully. Dr McNinja and Ben take a plane to Transylvania to confront Dracula, but while on the plane Ben hungers for hair but can not find any and then turns fully in to a headless horseman and crashes the plane. During all of this Sean McNinja, the doctors younger brother, and Gordito are being trained by the docs parents for their battle with the Ghost wizard, which the Catholic church has hired them to defeat.

Punch Dracula

The McNinja family and Gordito track down the Gohst wizard to a stole submarine and engage it in battle. Meanwhile as Dr. McNinja is searching for Ben he is teleported to Dracula's moon base. Dracula explains that he made Franklin into a headless horseman so he could gain knowledge of the afterlife. When Franklin returns with insufficient information Dracula decides to kill Dr. McNinja, hoping that he can defy death like he did in D.A.R.E. and return with more information. Dr. McNinja punches Dracula and tries to escape. Dracula corners McNinja and reveals that he controls the Ghost Wizard. He threatens to command the Wizard to use a secret fourth power on Gordito, but due to the vagueness of Dracula's command the Ghost Wizard possesses Sean instead. Gordito saves Sean and destroys the Ghost Wizard. Dr. McNinja dons a spacesuit and rides a robot copy of Dracula back to Earth. Some time afterward, McNinja goes to Ben Franklin’s grave to help the spirit rest in peace. After obtaining a new head, Franklin returns to Purgatory.

Monster Mart

In this story it is revealed that Dr McNinja was part of a superhero team in his youth. It is revealed that most of this team was killed because a former friend of Dr McNinja, Martin Monster, a character with powers similar to the hulk. That night Martin, who now runs a successful chain of grocery stores, turns up at the Doctors office asking for help. He is having trouble turning back into his human state fro his monster one. The Doctor reluctantly agrees to help him. The Doctor thinks that Martins problems are stress related and advises him to try and relax. That night the doctors office is rigged with explosives and blown up. The culprits implicate Martin. The Doctor and Gordito go and interrogate Martin who reveals that he has joined the Cumberland Mafia which is run by a mysterious man know as King Radical, but denies any involvement in the destruction of the Doctor office. It turns out that King Radical had the Doctors office destroyed because he turned away a suspicious mafia member. The Doctor and Gordito decied to help Martin get out of the mafia by helping him take down a rival gang (led by the humanoid lobster man, The Robster). During the fight Martin becomes enraged and destroys the enemy gang. In the aftermath of the fight, King Radical appears to pronounce Martin's debt settled.

Death Volley

Doctor McNinja is hired by the NSA to enter an ancient Inocktek Indian temple on an island and retrieve an ancient treasure. Inside the temple is a wounded man – a champion tennis player – who must win a ritual tennis match with the temple's robots or the world will be destroyed. The mission is complicated by the temple's many death traps and Dr. McNinja's ex-girlfriend, Hortense. The Doc retrieves the treasure, an ancient book and escapes with Hortense and the tennis champion, just before the island explodes. Meanwhile, Gordito supervise the rebuilding of Doc's office and try to prevent a half-plumber, half-spy from installing surveillance equipment. The Doc returns the book to the NSA, who find out it's worthless. A Secret Epilogue revealed that Hortense had been hired for the mission, not by Doc's parents as she told him, but by King Radical and has stolen the real version of the book.

Doc Gets Rad

Dr. McNinja is determined to catch Cumberland Mafia boss King Radical. As soon as Doc decides that he needs a motorcycle to keep up with Radical's dirt bike, a stranger crashes his white rainbow-striped motorcycle in Doc's parking lot. Doc claims the motorcycle for himself, and becomes more and more violently obsessed with thwarting Radical's plans. He starts to dreams of riding a rainbow-maned unicorn. Gordito is concerned with Doc's behaviour, and discovers that the motorcycle's previous owner was driven mad by it. Radical and Doc duel through the streets of Cumberland, and then through the tunnels under the town, which has a space time portal at its center. Radical reveals that Doc's motorcycle was originally an evil unicorn named Sparklelord, and implores Doc to shake off the influence of the motorcycle and help Radical banish it. Sparkellord speaks to Dr McNinja claiming that he will never be able to defeat King Radical without his help. The Doctor utters the words "We'll see" and throws the bike into the portal.

Army of One

In this story it is revealed that Dr. McNinja used an experimental cloning procedure in college to study a wide variety of disciplines simultaneously, explaining how he is so skilled in so many. In the process of amalgamating the clones back into one person, a time-traveler from the future arrives and destabilizes the machine used to bring them together, causing one clone to remain who leaves the original and lives his own life. The time traveler's suit is damaged during the explosion, sending him back to 1979. It is revealed that the time traveler is Chuck Goodrich, whose mission is to prevent Ben Franklin's Zombie Ninja Apocalypse. In present time, steampunk sky pirates kidnap the clone of Dr. McNinja who now lives as a farmer, and during Dr. McNinja's attempted rescue, both of them are taken captive by Frans Rayner, evil Danish film star. Rayner has successfully created countless clones of Dr. McNinja. Dr. McNinja and his clone must defeat the other clones and then fight Rayner. Rayner is defeated, but escapes. The only clone that survives is the one from Dr. McNinja's college years who then leaves again.

Space Savers

While driving along at night Dr Mc Ninja hits a man who has fallen out of the sky. This man turns out to be an alternate future version of the time traveler Chuck Goodrich, who has come from the future to stop an invasion of intelligent dinosaurs. The Doctor takes the new Chuck Goodrich to see the current Chuck Goodrich who tells them that once he stopped the zombie apocalypse more alternate versions of him turned up each stating how the world would end different way and every time he solved ones problem another would show up. The Doctor and Chuck develop a plan to destroy the dinosaur scout ship that will discover earth, which involes the stealing a war head. When they try to steal the war head the meet king radical how is trying to steal the same warhead, once they tell him that they need the warhead to stop the dinosaur invasion he lets them have it. Doc formulates a plan to sneak Chuck Goodrich into a NASA space shuttle. However, the plan fails when Mcninja knocks out Goodrich's partner and Goodrich and McNinja are attacked by Nasaghasts, ghosts that defend the space center and astronauts from any harm. Dr. McNinja is forced to board the shuttle himself along with Goodrich. They successfully fire the missile at the dinosaur ship, but one of the Nasaghasts follow them into space, catches the missile, and hurls it back to their space shuttle. The shuttle is destroyed in the explosion, leaving Dr. McNinja's fate unknown.

Time Fist

Dr.McNinja is revealed to have survived thanks to Chuck Goodrich's quick thinking, but now the two are trapped in Goodrich's dinosaur conquered future and it's up to Dr.McNinja to save the day.

Powers and Abilities

Being born to a family of ninja, Dr. McNinja is well trained in the martial arts, stealth, and some demolitions (in one issue he is seen throwing grenades into a large group of drug-ninjas). He also possesses some level of super human strength. He is once seen lifting a soda machine with little strain. As with any ninja he also possesses an extremely high degree of agility, speed, and reflexes. He is a master of sword fighting and is very accurate with projectile weaponry.Dr. McNinja also frequently utilizes his enviornment to add to his already formidable fighting prowess.

Dr McNinja is also a brilliant doctor, being able to heal nearly any wound and once almost coming up with a cure for death, with the help of his mentor a cloned Benjamin Franklin.


As a ninja he suffers Inverse Ninja Law that makes ninjas powerful alone but if there is multiple of them their power becomes weak and can be easily defeated or killed. This means when he fights alongside many ninjas during a battle while he is against one or the amount of opponents is lesser amount ninjas that are in his side he becomes cannon fodder.


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