Dr. Malcolm Long

    Character » Dr. Malcolm Long appears in 18 issues.

    The psychologist who attemps to cure Rorschach of his "insanity".

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    He attempts to try and cure Rorschach of a mental disorder. He's said to be a very good psychologist. He starts by giving Rorschach inkblot tests and Rorschach responds surprisingly positive but it doesn't give him a lead because it isn't Rorschach's true feelings.

    The first test he responds that the picture is "A pretty butterfly, the second "Some nice flowers". He only wants to help Rorschach because he is famous and curing him would make him popular. Malcolm's wife tries to distract him from his work immorally.

    Later he gives him the first inkblot again and asks him again. Rorschach responds with true feelings this time and says it's a dog with it's head split in half. Later when Malcolm is having dinner with family they ask him about Rorschach ; he tells them about the story about him splitting the dog's head and his wife gets mad at him. In the end he realizes Rorschach is right in the end "The picture is meaningless blackness and we are alone and there is nothing else."


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