Dr. Love

    Character » Dr. Love appears in 7 issues.

    Benjamin Love was a twisted scientist who performed genetic experiments on unborn children. One of these children was Mr. Bones, head of the D.E.O.

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    The sadistic doctor's past remains a complete mystery. Benjamin Love would go on to perform genetic experiments in the womb of pregnant mothers which led to the creation of several meta-humans, the most notable being Mr. Bones, who would later become head of the D.E.O.. Love kidnapped six of the children he had experimented on, raising them in isolation. The children later became the group Helix, led by Mr. Bones, and learned the truth about their past. The children then planned to kill Doctor Love but Mr. Bones couldn't bring himself to do it and instead let Dr. Love escape, unknown to the others.


    Dr. Love was created by the then comic-writing couple Roy Thomas and Dann Thomas with Todd McFarlane also creating the character. Dr Love first appeared in Infinity, Inc. #18 and several of his characteristics are shared with Dr. Lovecraft.

    Major Story Arcs

    To Love and to Die in L.A.

    Dr. Love returns to plague Helix and attempts to gain control of the team. However, when he orders them to kill Mr. Bones, they turn on him and burn him alive.


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