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    Character » Dr. Light appears in 115 issues.

    The creator of Mega Man (Rockman), Dr. Light is present in almost every incarnation of Mega Man since 1987 when the game was originally released.

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    In the year 200X, Dr. Thomas Light is a head robotics scientist and creator of the the advanced robots Blues, Rock and Roll. These robots have advanced artificial intelligence and emotions. Dr. Light considers them his children. As well as his own creations, Dr. Light is the owner of Light Labs and creates robots to help the advancement of humanity, as well as make the world a better place for robots as well.

    Along with colleague Dr. Albert Wily, Dr. Light created the original Robot Masters with the hopes of making breakthroughs for humanity. This included Cut Man, Guts Man, Bomb Man, Elec Man, Ice Man and Fire Man. They were stolen and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily, using them to destroy in his quest for power. This forced Dr. Light to turn his beloved "son" into a battle robot - Mega Man. Mega Man would defeat Wily and the original Robot Masters would be returned to their original programming.

    This would not stop Dr. Wily, and he would continue to improve upon their original design, creating new Robot Masters to take over the world and defeat Light and Mega Man. Dr. Light would continue to support Mega Man and design new weapons and technology for him on his missions. This includes notable robots such as Rush and Eddie as well as other Mega Man helper allies.

    Before his passing, Dr. Light would create a new Mega Man robot designated Mega Man X, his greatest creation.


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