Dr. Kavita Rao

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    Dr. Kavita Rao is a world-renowned geneticist who managed to develop a 'cure' for those affected by the x-gene. She is currently a member of the X-Club, allied with Cyclops and the X-Men of Utopia.

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    Kavita Rao is a doctor of well-known fame, and is from India. Thanks to her intelligence and help from her sponsor, Benetech, she formulated a "cure" for mutantkind, that could possibly wipe the mutant X-gene from all mutants and turn them into everyday human beings.

    Major Story Arcs


    When news of the cure breaks, many mutants rush to Benetech labs in the hope of becoming regular humans. One of the first is a little girl named Tildie who is kept under her surveillance to determine whether or not the cure is affective. The X-Men ( Beast in particular) debate the repercussions of the cure and the labeling of the mutant condition as a disease. Beast sees it as a chance to remove his "beastly" appearance and to avoid having to deal with further secondary mutations, and seriously considers using it. However, it is soon revealed to the X-Men that Dr. Rao is working for the alien known as Ord. The X-men show up at Benetech labs, where Wolverine destroys the entire facility. S.H.I.E.L.D. then takes Rao and Ord into custody. Beast acquires the last remaining sample of the cure.

    M-Day and Endangered Species

    After the events of M-Day, Beast goes looking for anyone with expertise to find a way to reverse what Wanda did. His search leads him to Dr. Rao. She allows him to see all of the samples she had collected when she worked on the cure. Unfortunately, all the samples were destroyed. Rao cautions Beast about where his search for answers might lead, and he leaves.


    Some time later, Beast starts up X-Club, a team of scientists whose primary goal is to find a way of reversing the effects of M-Day. He recruits Dr. Rao for her vast knowledge of mutants.

    Movie Appearances

    X-Men : The Last Stand

    X-Men : The last Stand
    X-Men : The last Stand

    Rao appears in X-Men: The Last Stand. She is one of the main doctors working on the Cure. Instead of Benetech labs, it is named Worthington Labs. She is about administer the cure to Angel, when he breaks lose and refuses to give up his wings. Dr. Rao was also the one that greeted Beast when he went to ensure Leech, the source of the cure, was being properly cared for. Rao was killed in the lab by Kid Omega, who was basically Quill. She was portrayed by Shohreh Aghdashloo.


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