Dr. Karbunkle

    Character » Dr. Karbunkle appears in 2 issues.

    A Mad Scientist who is Limburger’s Right-Hand Man and Henchmen. Karbunkle is the head of science of Limburger’s plans as he develops machines and robot to battle the Biker Mice.

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    Dr. Karbunkle is your typical "mad scientist" --blood-stained lab coat, constantly sceaming, rubs his hands together, maniacal laugh, always experimenting on people, etc.

    He is very skinny, with a shock of orange hair, and is always dressed in his lab coat, pants, boots, long, latex gloves, thick-lensed goggles.

    Karbunkle is a suck-up in regards to his boss, but has often "backstabbed" him in dealing with the High Chairman of Plutark.

    Karbunkle is always experimenting, especially on Fred, the Mutant. His favorite guina-pigs, however, are the Biker Mice from Mars.

    Like Greasepit, Karbunkle's origin is unknown. (He's marked human because that's what he looks like --kinda.) He was with Limburger on Mars, and even worked for a rival before being handed down to Limburger. It was Limburger that wanted an assistant, and Karbunkle build Fred.

    Karbunkle's main job was to create the ultimate soldier, which is why he experiments on people.


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