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Dr. Julianne Quinn was introduced as the apparent protagonist for Marvel's short-lived black and white magazine Freddy Krueger's A Nightmare on Elm Street. Julianne was a Springwood native who had tried to escape the town by becoming a successful psychiatrist. She was a particular expert on dreams, and was a skilled lucid dreamer in her own right, often making herself fly by growing wings in her dreams. She was in contact with a famous dream researcher in Mexico.

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Julianne was called to treat a young girl named Allison Hayes who was being targeted by Krueger. Julianne herself was also being targeted by Krueger (Whom he mockingly called "Jools") and tried to prepare by teaching Allison to control her dreams, as well as researching the history of Freddy Krueger and his mother. She attempted to help Allison by giving her the dream suppressant Hypnocil, but came into conflict with the staff of the hospital where she was treating Allison.

She was murdered by Krueger though, and seemingly decided to join forces with him and kill her former patient. She then took on a snake-like form and attacked Allison before apparently being slain again by her former patient. Whether this was all an illusion created by Krueger or she truly joined up with him was never answered since the series was cancelled.

The character seems partially patterned after Nancy Thompson as she is depicted in the third Nightmare on Elm Street film, Dream Warriors. Her bond with Allison before turning evil mirrors the one between Nancy and Kristen Parker. She also prefigures the character of Maggie Burroughs from the sixth film; Freddy's Dead, in many ways. The concept of a former Krueger enemy/victim becoming his accomplice would also turn up in Innovation's Nightmares on Elm Street comics (Where the Dream Warriors are prone to being controlled by Freddy) and in Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash: The Nightmare Warriors where Maggie Burroughs becomes evil. The scenes of her researching Krueger's past were also the first depiction of the character's origin in any medium.


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