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Dr. Jace was the royal scientist in Markovia, but when Baron Bedlam attack the castle, She showed this by injecting Geo-Force with the liquid that would give him his powers. He went on to defeat Baron Bedlam and save Markovia.


Dr. Jace was created by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo in Batman and the Outsiders #1.

Character Evolution

Dr. Jace's character doesn't see much change. She is generally a calculating scientist that uses logic at all times. She is loyal to Markovia and will do anything to protect it. During the events of Millennium, Dr. Jace was discovered to be a sleeper agent for The Manhunters.

New 52

Dr. Jace is a world renowned geneticist and based in Markovia. When Katana comes to Markovia rescue her and makes first contact Dr. Jace can see the souls trapped within The Soultaker, Katana's sword. Dr. Jace is captured by Lady Naja and is working for Kobra under duress.

Major Story Arcs

The Outsiders

After Batman left the Outsiders, Dr. Jace was the technical support for the team. She created and designed a HQ for the team as well as a jet to use for missions. She was the consultant for any scientific questions the team had, which turned out to be often. She even managed to be in a fight with the Duke of Oil.


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