Dr. Hugh Evans

    Character » Dr. Hugh Evans appears in 28 issues.

    Dr. Hugh Evans was one of the original members of the Silver Age Suicide Squad and Astronomer.

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    Doctor Hugh Evans was a Astronomer and colleague of Jess Bright. Early in their careers they were worked together on nuclear testing. One test went wrong, irradiating their entire team and condemning them to death. The two escaped because the jeep they had been driving in had broken down. Soon after they were assigned to the Suicide Squad joining Captain Rick Flag and Doctor Karin Grace. Despite the fact that Grace and Flag were already a couple they chose to hide the fact from their new colleagues. This continued until one disastrous mission in the Himalayas when the truth was discovered. Evans and Bright quit the team, but first needed Flag to return them home. On the return journey while the team was crossing an ice bridge, Evans and Bright stayed behind to fight a yeti allowing Flag and Grace to escape. The two fell - Bright survived, Evans did not.

    Evans has no super powers but is a genius level astronomer. Due to his time with the Suicide Squad he became a decent marksman and hand-to-hand combatant.

    Powers and Abilities


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