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Dr. Hillman Barto was part of the subsidiary red team of Adarco which was an advanced robotics company owned by Abner Dunson. Dr. Barto help develop the Annex suit and the process to create instant artificial limbs through the bio-regenerative energy well or BREW for short. 


Dr. Hillman Barto was created by Jack Harris and Tom Lyle in 1993 and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual # 27.  

Mayor Story Arcs


Alex Ellis was the man in the Annex suit after he lost a leg after the Desert Storm conflict and worked with Dr. Barto during the whole process. Dr. Barto discovered that Annex was able to manifest a variety of gadgets or weapons from the BREW after he accidentally accessed Adarco's munitions design files. Dr. Barto also discovered Abner's plan to erase the memory of Ellis and replace it with the memory and emotions of his dead son, Davey Dunson. Annex confronted Abner Dunson at a photojournalist award ceremony where Jonah Jameson and Mary Jane were present. Abner retrieved a helmet from his weapons development lab that allowed him to access the BREW to create a machine gun. Spider-Man and Dr. Barto worked together to shutdown the schematic force grid and Abner Dunson was apprehended. The records for the Annex project from Adarco's computers were erased when the system crashed and Dr. Barto continued to work with Annex in the future.

Skills & Abilities

Dr. Hillman Barto is a scientist that specializes in robotics and computer systems.

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