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The biological son of Nigel Powers and twin brother of Austin Powers, Douglas Powers was involved in a car explosion at a young age and presumed dead. He was raised by Belgians in an abusive environment, his adoptive father being an eccentric drunkard and his adoptive mother a 15-year-old prostitute. Though his upbringing was extremely unusual, he believes it to have been fairly normal. While a young man, he attended the British Intelligence Academy, where he was in the same year as Austin Powers, who was awarded the International Man of Mystery Award despite Douglas being the better student. At some point he attended "evil medical school" where he received his doctorate. He soon becomes an internationally known criminal genius. In 1967 he had himself cryogenically preserved, and was thawed out in 1997.  


Dr Evil was created by Michael Myers, who wrote the film in which the character first appeared, as well as portraying him. He is a parody of James Bond villains in general, and Blofeld in particular.  

Powers and Abilities 

Dr Evil is a criminal genius, and though his plans frequently border on the absurd he is capable of producing impressive weaponry. Despite his bumbling nature, he has been fairly successful both in the criminal world and in more legitimate avenues, though he tends not to understand the benefits of operating legitimately. He also has difficulty comprehending money. He can speak French, but not Dutch, despite allegedly being raised in the predominately Dutch-speaking north of Belgium.   

In Other Media

Dr Evil was originally created for the Austin Powers series of movies. He appears in all three as a major antagonist. 

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