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    Character » Dr. Drakken appears in 15 issues.

    Dr. Drakken is the Main Antagnist on Kim Possible. Is a mad scientist who's only desire and motivation is conquering the entire word. Dr. Drakken is known as Kim Possible's # 1 threat and arch-nemesis.

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    A blue-skinned mad-scientist and super-villain obsessed with world domination, Drakken's Kim's most annoying foe. Drakken has black hair in a mullet hairstyle (often kept in a pony tail) and a scar on his left cheek. It is still unknown why his skin is blue, although he mentioned that his skin color changed on a Tuesday.

    Although clearly a genius when it comes to science and schemes, Drakken lacked the smarts to apply them correctly, and usually ended up portrayed as an incompetent loser and comic relief, who is constantly mocked by Shego. Nonetheless, his determination kept bringing him back with new plans. Although Drakken claims to be evil most of the time, there had been numerous times when Dr. Drakken had shown a soft side. Some running jokes were that no matter how many times he met Ron Stoppable, he could never remember Ron's name, and he would always be surprised when he met Kim Possible although she always appeared to foil his plans.

    Becoming Evil

    Drakken was in college when his skin turned blue after being mocked by his friends at college. He dropped out, resenting them and almost every other person on earth. Thus, his quest to dominate the earth had begun. As it had turned out, Kim's father went to college with Dr. Drakken, and was one among those who mocked Drakken that many years ago. This only increased his hatred for the Possibles.


    Drakken and Kim aren't very fond of each other, however they do not hate each other. Although Kim terminates every plan and scheme that Dr. Drakken has ever came up with, they had been seen working together on some occasions.

    Drakken also has a bad habit to state his whole plan to Kim. He then calls on Shego to fight her, Kim always coming up with the upper hand. Kim then decides how to prevent his actions to take effect. Poor Drakken, doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut.


    Drakken's "sidekick" Shego has proved time and time again that she's smarter and stronger than Dr. Drakken. They have worked together for most of their schemes, but she rarely shows much concern over him even though he claims that he likes to think of them as some kind of “evil family”. Their relationship teeters between a familiar, cooperative interaction and downright annoyance or frustration with each other.

    As a sidekick, she started out in the series being respectful towards Drakken. As the franchise progressed, she began to develop a stronger personality and to openly show contempt for him. Eventually, Shego became the dominant one, and began threatening him with violence if he stepped over the line with her.

    At this point, she is rarely taken aback when Dr. Drakken's plans are foiled - going so far as to chide him for his overly complex or unconventional nature, even before they have failed. On the few occasions that such schemes appear to be working, she has been seen to be pleasantly surprised and appears to be happy for his minor successes. Even though Shego's tolerance for Drakken and his failure-prone evil schemes has steadily decreased, she still remains in his service, usually without much reluctance unless she wants a vacation from him or sees a better opportunity. In fact, she reacted badly when he twice replaced her with new sidekicks (Warmonga and Frugal Lucre). As poorly as she treats him, Shego sees her place as being in Drakken's employ and has proven to actually care for him, possibly romantically after the final episode.


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