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Darwin Jones' decision to pursue his interest in science at college meant that he broke a five generation pattern of family traditional police work that stretched back to the days of Robert Peel. His father was a division chief in the Metropolis Police and he was so distraught at his sons' decision that he spent many sleepless nights wondering how he could convince him to follow the family calling.

While he was a student at Washington's Georgetown University, Darwin displayed a remarkable skill at many scientific subjects, getting simultaneous degrees in physics and engineering. Curiously, though, it was not his academic ability that won him notice on the campus, but rather the facility with which he solved a few minor campus mysteries.

Darwin laughed off the incidents with a reference to his family background, but at heart realized that he had indeed inherited the family gift for deduction. Still preferring the laboratory, he graduated and prepared for employment in research. Unknown to Darwin Jones, his father had been in contact with FBI officials charged with setting up a new government department - one that would cope with the increasing number of scientifically oriented crimes and mysteries. The officials were looking for members of the Metropolis force who might belong in the new department, but were steered instead to Darwin.

Conflicted with the choice before him, Darwin agreed - under pressure from his father- to give the federal job a try, and he became the first chief of the Department for Scientific Investigation.

Darwin Jones works for The Smithsonian, now. It is not known when he left the services of The FBI. He is cataloging a piece from the 18th century that is metallic in nature. It had shown up at an earlier time period that Tomahawk and Lady Liberty ran across it. A man calling himself Neon Black shows up for it and places Darwin Jones in the hospital. He recounts the battle to The Atom and tells him that the metallic piece is a piece of something bigger.

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