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At first he was an ally of the Eternals and helped them translate ancient hero-griefs. This all changed when his daughter Margo was killed during a mission with the Eternals. After this he grew recentfull towards them, for letting the only person he loved to die. He even went as far as to hurt other Eternals and seemingly killed his old friend, the Eternal Ajak. He died resentful towards the Eternals, but the Eternals remember him as the good man he once was.


Daniel Damien is a Marvel comics published character and was created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. The character first appears in Fantastic Four #64 - The Sentry Sinister!

Major Story Arcs

The Day of the Gods

Dr Daniel Damian, his daughter Margo Damian and Ike Harris (Ikaris) have discovered a legendary giant tomb, the Chambers of the Gods, under mountains of the Andes in South America. They are overwhelmed by the size of the structure and its monuments and carvings inside. Harris would start speculating and even theorizing what this discovery would mean, as far as the origins of life on Earth, but Dr Damian would find that a bit too ostentatious and apply skepticism. Ike would continue to insist however, eventually the trio would come across a device that the ancient Incas would have attempted to create, although their lacked the technological means to complete. At this point Margo would quietly confide to her father her concern over Ike's erratic behavior.

Ike Harris

Dr Damian his daughter and Ike Harris would continue to explore the ancient ruins with Ike, but his suspicious behavior causes Margo and Daniel to take a stand and start questioning him more forcefully, as he appears to know far more than he could. Dr Damian would question his identity and order him to reveal who he really was. Ike Harris would hesitate before revealing that his deception wasn't entirely inaccurate and that if you combined the two names you would get his real one, Ikaris. Ikaris would then explain how he was a member of the race the Eternals, and how the Celestials had take a primitive ape like being and adjust it to father three new future species. The Deviants, who would constantly change because of unstable genetics, the Eternals who were immune to death and time and were were fewer in number and Humans, a balance of the other two races, and who evolve over time at a more stable pace, dying but passing on their genes. Ikaris would explain the histories of all three since those millennia passed in brief. He explained how the space gods would return sometime during the Incan civilization to check the results of their experiments.

The Deviants Attack

Ikaris would be alerted by the ancient viewing device that the Inca peoples had attempted to build. He would recognize that Celestials would be returning soon, their ship traveling light years in seconds. He would assert that he needed to get to the cosmic beacon which would help direct the Celestials back to Earth. Daniel and Margo would follow, intrigued and fascinated with the Eternal. Ikaris would activate the device with his telepathy, but at that moment a group of Deviants lead by Kro would appear and start firing at the three, as they did not want the Celestials to return to Earth. Ikaris would shield his human allies from fire and then remove his human disguise before attacking the Deviants with eye lasers. The Deviants would fire back with new technology trapped Ikaris temporarily, but Dr Damian and his daughter would come to his aid. All of them would be interrupted as a large crackle above and rumblings would signal the arrival of a giant space ship outside.

The Return of the Space Gods

Dr Damian, his daughter Margo, Ikaris and the Deviants ascend to the top of the ruins, in time to see a staggeringly massive ship descending. Dr Damian is still in a state of astonishment ad awe. The Deviant Kro however would be mad and angered at the Celestials ship, and rant about how the Deviants despised the gods and the destruction they wrought. Kro would even threaten the ship before it would send a bolt of lightning his way causing him to scamper away. Unfortunately the power of the lightning would also start to make the ruins crumble and break endangering Damian his daughter and Ikaris, sending them to seek refuge. Eventually they would subside with Margo relieved she would not have to die with the grotesque Deviants. Ikaris would go on to explain the failings of the Deviants and how they subjugated humans and attempted to overthrow the Celestials themselves before meeting catastrophe by the Celestials who would destroy Lemuria, an island the Deviants once lived on.

Powers and Abilities

Dr Daniel Damian possesses no super human powers or abilities, rather has the skills and ability of regular humans, however he is a skilled archeologist with much knowledge about Earths history and various cultures culture and pasts.


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