Dr. Carter's Jet Powered Atomic Heels

    Object » Dr. Carter's Jet Powered Atomic Heels appears in 1 issues.

    An invention of Dr. Carter that permits Lieutenant Dan Hastings to perform gravity-defying leaps.

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    King Chugoo rules the native Frogmen on Venus. The frogmen keep kidnapping Colonists on Venus and killing them, yet only eating their eyes.

    Marjery is kidnapped by the frogmen, begging the colonist guards Pete and Ted to shoot at the frogmen, hoping for a quick death. Ted is afraid to shoot and kill Marjery by accident. Marjery is taken to King Chugoo.

    Lieutenant Dan Hastings intends to investigate, but Gloria Carter tells Dan that it's too dangerous to go alone, which Dr. Carter and Bob Carter agree with. Hastings leaves anyway, taking off in his rocket. Jack chides the lieutenant for not waiting for his clearance signal. In flight, Gloria reveals that she has stowed away, but it's too late for Hastings to turn back.

    His ship is seen by Professor Oakes through binoculars. Arriving at Venus, he speaks with Reed, who again warns Dan to not go alone. Dan goes anyway, confronting some frogmen and handily leaping over them. When Chugoo is informed of the "high jumper", the king thinks it's a trick being used to assassinate him. Dan arrives at the king's location, asking if Chugoo recalls a meeting the previous year. Hastings doesn't have a warrant. so he can't arrest the king, Chugoo surmises that the lieutenant wants to know why the frogmen only take the eyes of their captives. The king won't tell Dan unless he takes off his "magic boots". Hastings explains that they are not magic, but instead an invention he calls Dr. Carter's Jet Powered Atomic Heels.

    Sneaking into the king's palace, Dan discovers a box of books. He receives a message on his radio from Gloria stating that she'd been captured by the frogmen. Dan catches up to the captors, rescuing Gloria but falling in the bog where there is a danger of being killed and eaten by the Zamoids.

    After escaping the bog lizards, Lieutenant Hastings goes to the Earth Colony. There, he discovers that King Chugoo has arrived and is being held by Professor Oakes. The king seemed to be muttering about a book he lost. Chugoo explains his concerns over the book revealing why the frogmen took the eyes of humans. Dan Hastings explains further the "story of the Jupiter wolf that got human eyes." caused the king's obsession. As Hastings and Gloria are leaving, Professor Oakes says that it was the fault of the colonists for not educating the frogmen.


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