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    Character » Dr. Blaqk appears in 15 issues.

    Dr. Blaqk is a sorcerer who ends up sponsoring Francis/Ruben to aid him in his drug and alcohol addictions. His overall design and attitude is that of Marvel's Doctor Strange; however, he is far more laid back.

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    Dr. Blaqk first appeared in Buzzkill #2 - Higher Power. He was created by Mark Reznicek and Donny Cates.

    Character Evolution / Storylines

    Dr. Blaqk appeared in the midst of a fight between Francis and several members of his rogues gallery. Using one of his magical blasts he sent Francis through a wall to prevent him from pummelling Brutal Juice to death, later apologizing as he didn't intend his spell to be quite as powerful as it was.

    Dr.Blaqk used his magical powers to send all of Francis's rogues into different continuities, telling Francis that they've been sent to different storylines thus giving the illusion that Dr.Blaqk is aware he's in a comic book of sorts.

    It was later revealed that Dr. Blaqk had been sent as a sponsor (for Francis's drug rehabilitation program) for Francis to assist him through his time of need; Blaqk had been notified of Francis's condition from Francis's best friend, Eric.

    He went with Francis to help him apologize to the Superhero team he once worked with; however, the group wouldn't let Francis back on the team. To avoid a fight Dr.Blaqk teleported himself and Francis back to Earth.

    Dr. Blaqk then attempted to help Francis work things out with his ex-girlfriend, Nikki. Unfortunately for Francis this went sour after it was discovered his best friend, Eric, had been sleeping with her. A fight broke out in which Francis was able to clobber Eric with a bat but he was stopped by Dr. Blaqk who told him to put the bat down and to only fight like gentlemen, using their fists.

    An explosion from the nearby hospital caused the fight to cease; after discovering that it was Francis's father who had caused the explosion both Francis and Dr.Blaqk made their way to the hospital to face him.

    Francis's father was hyped up on several types of drugs thus amplifying his own abilities (as he has the same power as his son does) and began to engage in combat with Francis. Dr.Blaqk attempted to help Francis but had his hands crushed by Francis's father, Courtland, and was left lying in the hospital in severe pain.

    Dr.Blaqk survived the final fight with Courtland. He later became the team medic for the team of superpowered loansharks called The Paybacks.

    Personality & Appearance

    Dr. Blaqk is a more crazed version of Dr. Strange and has a very similar appearance. One of his eyes is in a fixed widened position and cannot show any other expression.

    He makes pop culture references several times throughout the series; for example he begins talking about how one of his friends whom is also a Doctor gave him a bowtie and told him it was cool, a nod towards the Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who.

    Dr. Blaqk also seems to know he resides in a comic book as when he teleports Francis's villains away he claims they're now in different continuities and storylines.

    When Dr. Blaqk becomes angered his eyes begin glowing a bright yellow.


    Dr. Blaqk is a sorceror and it can be assumed that all of his abilities are magical in nature. He requires usage of his hands to perform/cast his spells and commonly makes a "finger gun" towards his targets as a means of aiming.

    • Teleportation - Dr. Blaqk is able to teleport himself and others to different locations. It also appears that he can send his targets through space and time to end up in different continuities as he did to several of Francis's villains.
    • Magical Blasts - Dr. Blaqk can create powerful magical blasts that he fires from his fingers. One of his blasts was able to send Francis flying through a brick wall to prevent him from killing Brutal Juice.
    • Flight - Dr. Blaqk is seen levitating/flying several times throughout the series. He seems to be able to do this without any sort of vocal command or hand motions.

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