Dr. Betty

    Character » Dr. Betty appears in 24 issues.

    Dr. Betty Swanson is Deadpool's A.I.M. contact in the Savage Land.

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    Betty is an A.I.M. agent, who had infiltrated Hydra in order to find out what they were doing in the Savage Land. She found out that they had found the head of zombie Deadpool and hoped to use it for something. A.I.M. retaliated by hiring Deadpool to get the head. Betty was his contact and helped him find zombie Deadpool in a village where the head was thought to be a god. After acquiring the head, Betty, Deadpool and Headpool were confronted by Hydra's agents who had found out Swanson's true purpose. A battle ensued between them and Ka-Zar and the villagers that thought the zombie head was a god. After stealing a Hydra ship Betty and the two Deadpools were able to escape. At A.I.M., Deadpool was a whole new crazy: he "rescued" Betty and stole a ship with Bob, Agent of A.I.M. and went to Florida to get zombie Deadpool's head back to his reality.

    Betty and another A.I.M. agent Bill, have an adventure with Deadpool and Headpool on an alternate world and fight to protect it's last remnants of humanity. Later, Betty and Bill are sent to their rightful dimensions by the cosmic being called the 'Contemplator'.

    Personal Data (According to Deadpool Corps: Rank and Foul)

    Occupation: Biologist

    Citizenship: USA

    Education: Ph.D in Biology from Cal Tech

    Height: 5'8"

    Weight: 142 lbs.

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Blond


    Dr. Betty is a biologist and was trained to be a double agent. Thanks to AIM training, she has had space flight training, weapons training and owns a GPS locator watch.


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