Dr. Amara Perera

    Character » Dr. Amara Perera appears in 18 issues.

    Amara is renown a biophysicist and ally of Iron Man and Doctor Doom.

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    Doctor Amara Perera is a biophysicist who was born and raised in Sri Lanka. She developed a cure for the X-Gene Mutant that theoretically prevented mutants from receiving their abilities but hadn't dared to create it due to the sociopolitical fallout.

    She met Tony Stark at a conference in Dubai. Some time later, they had a date in New York City, where she explained her discovery to Stark, but didn't wanted to use it. The date was interrupted when Stark's A.I. assistant Friday notified him of the sighting of Madame Masque in Latveria.

    Amara came under the attention of a post Secret Wars Dr. Doom who was attempting to redeem himself. Doom set her up a laboratory in Cambridge University and kept protected. Following Tony's fall into a coma, Victor took up the Iron Man mantle as the 'Infamous Iron Man' and continued visiting Amara, despite her opposition, turning her into a reluctant ally. Amara's unwilling connection with Doom also caught the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D., who disrupted her life which resulted in her being fired.

    Not long afterwards, Amara began feeling symptoms of pregnancy. Her friend, a physician named Keren, ran tests and shared with Amara that she was indeed pregnant. It would later be mentioned by Doom that the baby didn't survive to term however this was never confirmed.


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