Dr. Alfred Peachbody

    Character » Dr. Alfred Peachbody appears in 21 issues.

    Peachbody is a super intelligent dog from an alternate future, and one Gina's worst enemies in the Gold Digger universe.

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    Dr. Peachbody is one of Gina Diggers' worst enemies, a talking black Labrador Retriever scientist from an alternate future Earth where dogs evolved genius-level intelligence and took over the world as the dominant species from humans. He discovered how to travel through time using the extra-dimensional realm of chrono-space. Along with his pet attack boy Benji, he traveled through time making changes to ensure his version of Earth came to reality.

    In his reality, human rebels had started fighting back using stolen technology. The dogs kept the humans in check through the use of gene-cloned bioweapons, genetic constructs designed to look like monsters of human legend. However, the humans rediscovered the dog whistle, which allowed them to break the dogs' mental control over their bioweapons. Dr. Peachbody set out through time to eliminate the human inventor of the dog whistle. It was while on this mission that he first encountered Gina, Penny, Ace, and Ryan who learned his history and stopped him and Benji. As a result of this interference, Peachbody tried to eliminate the Diggers sisters by sterilizing their parents in the past which the sisters managed to prevent

    Time Warp crossover story-arc

    Peachbody was determined to prevent the Diggers sisters from meddling in his plans and so created a time warp which got the attention of the time-travelers Mita Celande and her cyborg assistant May from the city of Quagmire (main setting for Ben Dunn's Ninja High School). After tricking Mita and May into attacking the Diggers sisters and trashing Gina's lab, he used Mita's time machine to travel to pre-Ice Age Egypt to take control of technology hidden in the Sphinx. He used this technology to scatter the Gina's group, Mita, May, and several friends of both throughout time. After all the heroes managed to regroup, Mita traveled to Peachbody's time and discovered his earliest known ancestor Pickles. She then traveled to Pickles era with the intention of having him neutered. Peachbody managed to stop this but was tricked into turning off the time warp which was threatening everyone. As a desperate final move, Peachbody fused his body with that of his attack boy Benji with Peachbody's mind in control. In the ensuing fight "Peachbenji" was forced to retreat, but Gina had rigged his time-craft to explode which sent him 500 million years into the past where they were trapped.

    Peachbody tried to use his combined body's chi abilities to pull the remains of his time-craft from chrono-space, but instead pulled in the boneless body of Gina's first enemy Dreadwing which had been separated from his skeleton when Gina rigged the Time-Raft to explode. Intrigued by the powerful body, Peachbody performed another fusion becoming the current "Dreadbody" with his mind still dominant.

    Once united, Peachbody and Dreadwing set about a staggering plan to get revenge on their common enemy which involved creating a model of all space-time called "Negative Infinity". Over time, Dreadwing slowly consumed Peachbody's essence to bolster his own without Peachbody realizing. Eventually Dreadwing purged and discarded what was left of Peachbody's deteriorated essence.

    What was left of Peachbody was discovered by the Saurians, an ancient Earth race of hyper-intelligent dinosaurs. They hooked him into their machines and used his genius to advance their technology. This further eroded his mind, and the Saurians convinced him he was a Saurian noble named Befadoc. At some point, he was wired into the Saurian super-weapon Gigliathon which he piloted during the Amonian/Dragon rebellion against the Saurians. It is suggested he was forced to flee when the battle turned against him. From there his essence somehow wound up stored in a Draconic temple in Jade realm within a mymior, a draconic computer. Gina later found this mymior and reconstructed what had happened to Peachbody. She finally felt obligated to put it out of its misery as an act of mercy.


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