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Dr. Alexei Skarab was a distant descendant of Dann and Nephrus. He grew up to become an archaeologist. He was the one to discover the story of Nephrus and N'Kantu. Something which coincided with N'Kantu regaining mobility and leaving his ancient tomb, though whether Skarab had something to do with it was never explained. 
N'Kantu hunted down Skarab for a while, convinced he was Nephrus. When the mummy fell inert after being electrocuted, Skarab believed it dead. He brought N'Kantu to a New York City museum. Only for the mummy to revive and go into a rampage. N'Kantu was then abducted by the Elementals.
Skarab and his students Janice Carr and Ron McAllister followed the missing mummy back to Egypt.Skarab was able to purchase the Ruby Scarab, an ancestral mystical artifact, from the Asp/Richard Harprer and Miles Olddan. Olddan was less than amused to wake up that night to the sight of the Asp and N'Kantu sneaking in to steal the Scarab.
He shot Asp, wounding him, but his bullets had no effects on N'Kantu. Who once again confused Skarab with Nephrus. Skarab was finally able to convince the ancient mummy that he was not identyical to an ancestor dead for about 30 centuries.
The three joined forces against the Elementals. In time Skarab was able to contact the spirits of his ancestors and learn how to use the mystical properties of the Ruby Scarab.  He was instrumental in defeating the Elementals. He soon after discovered that Asp, Miles and Zephyr had left with his Scarab.

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