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He is Van Rook's former mercenary apprentice.

Although he worked for Van Rook, he did help Zak Saturday and Fiskerton  whent hey was in the
 Ice Caverns of Ellef Ringnes after they saved his life. He also returned " The Claw" back to Zak Saturday after he had lost it.

Doyle is Drew Saturday's long lost brother (this was revealed in the episode Van Rook's Apprentice) Now he works with his older sister, Drew Saturday, his brother-in-law, Doc Saturday, and his nephew, Zak Saturday. He took a piece of The Kur Stone from V.V. Argost.

Doyle claims in one of his "stories" he once fought a man named Baron Finster, a half man/half robotic scorpion. Doyle rescued a Nagni Vatu from him.

In one adventure Doyle had fell in love with Zack's old baby sitter Abby Grey,but She turned out to be
the new mercenary  apprentice. Now Zack and Doyle will have to get their revenge on her. 
In battle, Doyle utilises a jetpack, concussion grenades, a wrist blaster (which can also fire rockets) and currently backup (in the form of Zon, whom he fondly refers to as "Prehistoric").


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