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Dox was given to Impulse as a Christmas present, and was meant to teach Impulse how to be responsible. Originally named Ivan by Inertia who was posing as Impulse, he was later renamed after Bart's best friend in the virtual reality world. Dox was one of the few characters who realized that 'Impulse' was not who he seemed…he was highly hostile to Inertia until he was bribed with treats.

Major Story Arcs

Crisis on Impulse's Earth

Impulse gets unlimited magical powers, and make the world, in his opinion a better place by making Dox and all other dog smarter and able to talk. Dox is the one that explains to Impulse that since he has done that the done now want equal rights or else. When Impulse lost his magic powers everything went back to normal, and although Dox can't speak he seems to still hold above average intelligence.


Dox is a completely ordinary dog, though he gained increase intellgiance and was able to talk, thanks to Bart altering the world with the powers of Bedlam. Even though he made everything were before he altered it, Dox seem to have still have his intellence, but couldn't speak. He had the finishing lines in the "Impulse" book, addressing the readers to see them "in the funny papers."

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