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The man who would later be known as the 17 year old leader of the F4 is Doumyouji Tsukasa. He is born on rich parentage of Mrs. Kaede Dumyouji and his father. He is the heir of Doumyouji Enterprises and grew up with a luxurious life. Aside from that, they also own lots of well known companies and mansions worldwide. His older sister named Tsubaki left him to move to Los Angeles after being married. Tsubaki aside from Tsukasa's mother is the only woman and probably the only one to be able to deal with Tsukasa's harsh attitude. His parents are also cold to him since they are working overseas to take care of their other properties. Living in a very luxurious and big house, he is left with their maids who works for him. He became very spoiled and very arrogant thinking that everything can be bought by money. He always have hard times expressing his feelings since he isknown to be tough. He also have short temper for anyone.

Leader of the F4

Tsukasa was a friend of the F4 since their childhood. Since he is the richest among the 4 of them, he became their leader. Because of their tight relationship as good friends. each of them knows Tsukasa's real attitude and personality. They started being the superior students of their school and asks some students to bully those persons who mess with them. Those designated targets often receive a Red Card which means that they are the next target. Being the leader, he also believes that if things will always have to be made up by a sorry, for what cause will the people need laws?

Being the only one to beat the F4's harsh attitudes for the students, Tsukushi is also the only one to open up about Tsukasa's curly hair which everyone talks about. However, Tsukushi's courage led to receiving a Red Card and always being bullied around. Tsukasa admired her bravery and determination. For him, Tsukasa is unique and the only one to do those things that she does against the F4 regardless of how powerful they are in their school.

One day, Tsukasa asked his people to take Tsukushi to their mansion. Tsukushi just found herself being make-overed by stylist and other persons. Tsukasa then arrogantly proposed to be his boyfriend. However, Tsukushi just declined and insulted him. This became the time that Tsukasa became more determined. Though, Hanazawa Rui became closer to Tsukushi and when Tsukasa found out about it, Rui and Tsukasa later on had a rivalry. Tsukasa also thought of fighting Tsukushi more and more.

Makino Tsukushi became closer with the F4 and became a friend to them. Though, arguments and fights between Tsukasa and Tsukushi seems to be unstoppable. Realizing that Hanazawa is really her beloved man, Doumyouji dared to kiss Makino but refused, he later realized that what he is doing is just giving her the fear.

Tsukasa's mother Kaede then arrived to look after her son. Though, Dumyouji's relationship with his mother is very cold. Since Kaede focuses more on their family business. Tsukasa is fears his mother since she is very strict. She also made a background check to the Makinos and offered them money just for Tsukushi to get rid of her son but they declined.

Slowly, Tsukushi have been realizing that Dumyouji also have that sense that she likes in a man. Though their arguments were still so often, they have decided to have a date. Tsukushi became very late for their date and due to bad weather, Tsukasa have been sick. In a place where they decided to have their date, it accidentally closed leaving only the 2 of them inside. They have no choice but to wait for the next morning. The two had a chance to have a bonding but because of his sickness, Tsukasa have fell asleep. Until the next morning, they have freed at last.

As Hanazawa Rui returned from following Shizuka, he started having affection for Tsukushi which became the reason for his rivalry with Tsukasa. This problem caused a big effect on the friendship of the F4. However, as his sister Tsubaki returned from teh United States, she was able to solve this problem considering that she is the only one that can beat her brother's attitude.

Following some events, Tsukasa and Tsukushi became closer and also rekindled a love relationship.


Hana Yori Dango Animated Series

Dounyouji Tsukasa follows the same story that he's gone through the manga. He is also from a very rich family and leader of the F4. They are the superioir students of their school and anyone who tends to disobey them receives a red card. He later met Makino Tsukushi and they had fights more often. However, following some events comparable to their original manga versions, they were later involved romantically.

Meteor Garden

Jerry Yan portrayed the role of Dounyouji Tsukasa's counterpart known as Dao Ming Si. One of the richest citizens of Taiwan. He is the leader of the F4 and everyone even the school authorities fear them. His team then met Shan Chai, a middle class girl who dared to fight them. Due to this attempt, Shan Chai was bullied by students ordered by Dao Ming Si. Si just laughs at anything bad happening to her. Dao Ming Si ordered his people to take Shan Chai to their house and gave her a make-over. Shan Chai was amazed to see their house because of how luxurious it is. However, she refused Dao's offer on having her as his girlfriend. As Hua Ze Lei and Shan Chai became closer and rekindling a romantic relationship, Dao have realized that he is also having affection for the girl that he hated once.


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