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Doughboy as a flying transport.
Doughboy as a flying transport.

Doughboy and Primus was created by the genetic engineer named Arnim Zola. Arnim Zola was able to control Doughboy with a special instrument. Doughboy was able to capture Captain America and Donna Maria with his elastic tendrils during their first encounter with Arnim Zola. Doughboy then floated into the air and transformed into a saucer. Doughboy transported his captives to Castle Zola where Arnim Zola wanted to experiment with their minds and force them to do his bidding. Primus was capable of independent thought and wanted the female Donna Maria for himself. Arnim Zola denied Primus the female prisoner and forced him to merge into Doughboy. Arnim Zola had the perfect servant and considered Doughboy success personified.


Doughboy was created by Jack Kirby in 1977 and first appeared in Captain America # 208.

Story Arcs

International Incident

The Thunderbolts decide to come after Arnim Zola when they discover that he has been giving powers to various individuals and have them steal supplies for his experiments. Some of the prisoners provide the location of three bases so the Thunderbolts check them out. The Thunderbolts head towards the base in China after the other two were stripped and abandoned. The Thunderbolts land in the Siguniang Mountains and step off their transport. Suddenly the ground below their feet began to move and the Thunderbolts were engulfed by Doughboy. The Thunderbolts break free and face off with Zola's army of mutates. Arnim Zola manages to escape while Doughboy would reassemble itself after being pureed by Penance.

Powers & Abilities

Doughboy was a giant mass of organic matter that had the ability to shapeshift and posses elastic properties. Doughboy possesses a degree of superhuman strength and durability. Doughboy has the ability to alter his shape and can stretch, deform, expand and flatten all or parts of his body. His body is highly adhesive and has the ability to absorb people or objects. Doughboy can also fly and move at subsonic speeds. Doughboy can endure traumatic injuries and reassemble itself whenever necessary.

In Other Media

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Doughboy appears in the episode "Living Legend" as a minion of Arnim Zola and Baron Zemo. He is shown attacking Avengers Mansion as well as the Statue of Liberty until he is destroyed by the Avengers. He is voiced by Grant Moninger.

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