Doug Powell

    Character » Doug Powell appears in 40 issues.

    A mercenary for Silver Sable International. Member of Silver Sable's Wild Pack alpha team.

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    Powell was created by Gregory Wrightand Steven Butler in 1992 and first appeared in Silver Sable & The Wild Pack # 1.


    Doug Powell was born in Texas. His old-fashioned Southern upbringing sadly left him quite prejudiced against black people, and he fell into a life of crime. He became a professional bodyguard, working for dubious clients, including the KKK.

    Doug eventually made a clean break away from his old life, though his prejudices stayed with him. He managed to get a job at Silver Sable International as one of the key members of the Wild Pack. He generally worked as one of the Wild Pack's point operatives, less specialized than many of his teammates, but relatively competent in most situations. His abrasive attitude, made him difficult to work with, but he was a valued member of the team, eventually developing a healthy respect for his teammate Battlestar despite his racist tendencies.

    Powers and Abilities

    Powell was a skilled soldier, most talented in the use of firearms, but also competent in hand-to-hand combat, stealth operations, and military tactics.


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