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    Doug Moench is a comic book writer who has throughout his career scripted most of the major series at both Marvel and DC, including a notable run on Batman and Master of Kung-Fu.

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    Doug Moench started his career in Warren Publishing, where he worked in titles like Creepy, Eerie, and Vampirella. Upon moving to Marvel in the 70's, he gained notoriety by working in The Master of Kung Fu, a title in which he wrote for more than 100 issues and mostly teamed with the artist Paul Gulacy. Moench also got some recognition with his characters Moon Knight and Deathlok.

    In the late 80's, Moench then started a long run in Batman, in which his biggest contribution was the "Knightfall" saga that was co-written with Chuck Dixon.


    • 1983-1998: Batman #0, #360-400, #481-559, #1,000,000 (total 122)
    • 1983-1986: Detective Comics #527-566 (total 40)
    • 1987-1989: Spectre #1-31 (total 31)
    • 1990-1991: Mister Miracle #14-28 (total 15)
    • 1993-2001: Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #46-49, #86-88, #137-141, #146-148
    • 1994-1998: Catwoman #0, #42-53

    1974-1983: Masters of Kung Fu#20-63, #65-122

    Characters created by Doug Moench


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