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    A young girl from Kansas who became an honorary, and eventually, full fledged member of the Doom Patrol. She has the ability to bring her imaginary friends to life.

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    Dorothy Spinner was given up for adoption by her biological mother at birth. Dorothy was then adopted at a young age by a mid-western couple who lived on a farm. Due to a facial deformity, Dorothy had an ape-like appearance, her face had strong ape-like features and her arms were incredibly hairy. Due to this she was constantly the target for bullying, thus, she was kept at home, isolated from the rest of the world. It was in her isolation that she discovered her power - the ability to bring her imaginary friends to life. Dorothy eventually came across the Doom Patrol and was given the title of honorary, and then full, membership.


    Dorothy Spinner was originally created by Paul Kupperberg, Erik Larsen and James Sanders III. She made her first appearance in Doom Patrol #14 - Order and Doom.

    Grant Morrison would then go on to redefine the character and bring her on as a leading lady during his run on the Doom Patrol.

    Major Story Arcs

    Order and Doom

    The first appearance of Dorothy Spinner - her farm becomes the battleground between the Doom Patrol, Power Girl and Pythia. A young Dorothy, inspired by her heroes, the Doom Patrol, wound up joining the fight and prove instrumental to Pythia's defeat, finding her weakness. It was because of this that the Doom Patrol made her an honorary member.

    The Butterfly Collector

    A new Doom Patrol is in the works and Dorothy Spinner is recruited by The Chief to serve as a member of the Doom Patrol's secondary outer-team.

    Imaginary Friends

    Dorothy and Joshua Clay are left at the Doom Patrol HQ while the rest of the team is away. Joshua was dealing with a device known as the Materioptikon which had the power to externalize one's subconscious. The device wound up amplifying Dorothy's powers which resulted in three of her former imaginary friends - Damn All, Darling Come Home and Flying Robert - returning to life and forcing her to relive an old memory, suffering from her first period. With Joshua's help she was able to overcome the psychological hurdle and sent her imaginary friends away.

    Musclebound/The Men From N.O.W.H.E.R.E.

    Dorothy and the rest of the Doom Patrol team up with a new friend, Flex Mentallo and Danny the Street to take on the Men From N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and find out what lies in the sub-sub basement of the Pentagon, known only as the Ant Farm. It just so happened that the Men From N.O.W.H.E.R.E. wanted to utilize the powers of the man who created Flex Mentallo, Wallace Sage, to summon a being known as the Telephone Avatar. In order to stop this Dorothy contacted an entity known as Candlemaker who wanted to use Dorothy and her powers as a gateway to the real world, promising Dorothy that he'd take down the Men From N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and the Telephone Avatar if she let him out. Dorothy did so and the Candlemaker held true to his promise, as when Dorothy woke the Telephone Avatar was dead, but the true test would come when she had to face the monster she released.

    Planet Love

    With the Candlemaker unleashed the world faces ultimate destruction. Dorothy and the Doom Patrol work together with Willoughby Kipling to locate the entity and send it back from whence it came. Kipling informs the rest of the crew that the Candlemaker is destroying not the world, but the world's soul, thus causing everyone it's affecting to go insane. During the assault from the Candlemaker the Chief is decapitated and Joshua Clay is killed, but, with help from Crazy Jane, Willoughby Kipling, William Magnus and a revitalized Rebis, the Doom Patrol is able to defeat the Candlemaker and extinguish it's flame.

    Sliding in the Wreckage

    Dorothy faces the real world now that the Doom Patrol has dissolved. She finds herself an apartment but is plagued by visits from African spirits who want Dorothy to join them. She refuses and fights back, using her own imaginary version of the Doom Patrol. Eventually she is reunited (and saved by) the real Robotman and the two of them go on to become members of a new, revitalized version of the Doom Patrol.

    The Teiresias Wars

    The renewed Doom Patrol is thrust into a war between the Teiresiae and the Builders. Dorothy somewhat aids the group with her Imaginary Friends and together the Doom Patrol saves the world yet again.


    Regressing in her mental stability, Dorothy once again summons the African Spirits. It turns out that they're rooted in emotional and physical insecurities that led to Dorothy getting bullied for when she was younger. With aid from the Doom Patrol and the Violet City Witch Coven, Dorothy is able to overcome her fears and sends the African Spirits away for good.


    Dorothy had ventured out with Coagula and Robotman on a camping trip, but it turned out that the two of them had found Dorothy's biological mother and planned for them to meet. Dorothy, unable to handle this news, unleashed an enormous amount of power that results in the death of Coagula and puts her in a coma. While in the coma she is put on life support; however, she is eventually taken off by Robotman as he believed it was for the best - resulting in her death.

    Doom Patrol - Young Animal

    Dorothy Spinner returns as a member of The Doom Patrol.

    Powers and Abilities

    Dorothy had the power to create imaginary friends and bring them to life in the real world. Often times these imaginary friends were inspired by those close to her, and, if under enough mental stress, could cause more harm than good.

    Some of her most common imaginary friends whom she used in battle were Dark As The Morning, Paddle The Sky and Pretty Miss Dot.

    Other Media

    Dorothy shows up briefly on the DC streaming show, Doom Patrol. She is the product of Niles Caulder's affair with a primitive cavewoman.


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