Dorothy Gale

    Character » Dorothy Gale appears in 70 issues.

    Dorothy is a Falseblood (a descendant of a Highborn and a human). Her ordinary life was turned upside down after she adopted a wolf she named Toto.

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    Dorothy is a seemingly ordinary Kansas farm girl. She's more adventureous than she seems to be. On her first adventure in Oz, she discovers that she is a Falseblood and has instinctive combat and magical abilities.


    Like most characters of the Grimm Fairy Tales lore, Dorothy has her inspiration in fairy tales or literature. Dorothy is inspired on the Dorothy Gale from L. Frank Baum's children's book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900).

    Major Story Arcs

    Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Oz

    The wolf who would become known as Toto, was once the companion of a wizard in Oz. The wizard, having the Veridian Scepter in his possession, was chased by Skarabs led by Lynessa. Trapped, the wizard gave the wolf the scepter and ordered it to flee. He ran from Oz through a portal to Kansas and encountered a helpful Dorothy Gale. Lynessa had tracked down Toto and demanded him back. But Dorothy refused to give him up. Angered, Lynessa magically transported Dorothy's farm to Oz, where her sister Zinna awaited them.

    Oz: Age of Darkness

    Seventyfive years have passed. Dorothy Gale is now queen of Oz, ruling with Thorne, Scarecrow and Toto by her side. The Dark Queen recovers the Warlord of Oz and sets him loose on Oz. He manages to kill Thorne, Scarecrow and Toto before beheading Dorothy Gale. He then sits on the throne of Oz himself.


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