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School me on Dormammu. Is he any good? He seems like a generic evil conqueror to me. What are his motivates? What's he like personality-wise?

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Dormammu is an interdimensional sorcerer who is constantly seeking to conquer other dimensions and add them to the Dark Dimension. He serves as the main antagonist to Doctor Strange.

His ambition comes partially from his heritage (extra-dimensional energy being who hitchhiked into the material realms) and an inflated view of his personal ability. He's pretty goddamn dangerous and can make herald-level characters like Silver Surfer his personal bitches, but Dormammu is crazy enough to fight Eternity. A third explanation said by Dormammu himself is that he is bored of ruling the Dark Dimension and craves the excitement of (possible) conquest.

It's hard to pinpoint his personality since no one has really written him consistently as a whole. There are a few things that seem to carry over from series to series: extremely knowledgeable on the dark arts, arrogant towards "lower" creatures that only exist on the physical plane, malevolently patient when it comes to long-term plans, infinitely ambitious, and he likes to gloat over defeated enemies. Giffen's Defenders run emphasizes the brother-sister discord between Dorm and Umar, but it was never that harsh in previous or future comics. Dorm also has a weird moral code like Doctor Doom. Dorm will not break promises or fight "unfairly" and punishes minions who do so.

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@CosmicSpiral: Thanks, though Darkseid is still the only lord of evil in town for me.

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