Dorine Clay

    Character » Dorine Clay appears in 15 issues.

    An alien woman who was aided by Green Lantern Hal Jordan in freeing her people from enslavement by the Headmen.

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    Dorine Clay was a young woman Hal Jordan met at a ranch in upstate California.  He soon discovers that she is actually an alien woman named Onu Murtu from the planet Garon, a world ruled by the Headmen who use a device called the Cerebro-Ray to enslave her race.  When an infant is born on Garon, they are subjected to the Cerebro-Ray which affects the infant's brain in such a way as to make them completely subservient to the Headmen.  Luckily for Onu Murtu, the machine malfunctioned without the Headmen's knowledge.  Onu grew up free of the Headmen's domination, the only person on Garon not enslaved.

    As she grew older, Onu learned to conceal her free will from the Headmen.  Onu would do as she was told, but she schemed and studied in secrecy.  Discovering a ray that would counter the effects of the Cerebro-Ray, Onu Murtu worked to perfect the device.  However, the Headmen became suspicious of her and would have arrested Onu had she not escaped.  Seizing a spacecraft, Onu left Garon in search of a place to work on her project vowing to return once it was finished.  

    Onu Murtu came to Earth where she found the atmoshphere and people similar to her own world.  With her heightened mentality, Onu quickly learned the language and customs of America.  Taking the Earth name of Dorine Clay, she settled into the California ranch and continued her research.  In short time, however, she detected a nearby craft belonging to the Headmen.  They had followed her to Earth.  Hal Jordan, as Green Lantern, aided Dorine and drove off the Headmen.  He then carried her to her ship so she could return to Garon and help her people.

    Hal Jordan, along with the Omega Men, would later aid Onu Murtu against the Headmen during their campaign attempt to gain entry into the Citadel Empire as Garon is in the Vega System.  Onu was eventually able to free a small gathering of her people which came to be known as the Freeminds.  With Jordan's help, Onu established a new home for the Freeminds on Aoran, former homeworld of Evil Star.    

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