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Doreen was Ronnie Raymond's (Firestorm's) romantic interest for almost all of Gerry Conway's run as writer on Firestorm's series (introduced in the first issue of the short-lived Firestorm: the Nuclear Man, essentially as the reason that he joined the nuclear protest group that eventually led to him becoming Firestorm). She plays a small part in almost every issue, most often serving as the conflict around which Ronnie has to work (i.e. he has a date, and he shows up late because of his duties as Firestorm). Although most would think she wouldn't put up with this sort of thing for very long, she did; with amazing diligence she forgave and re-forgave Ronnie time and time again. She is also the sister of the original Hyena, Summer Day, who was one of Firestorm's recurring (and more deadly) of foes. Despite this and many other seeming impediments, she and Ron went steady throughout high school and even afterward, going to college together. Not even Firestorm's on-again-off-again romance with fellow hero Firehawk did any significant damage to their relationship. Doreen eventually broke up with him and found out his secret identity, which she divulged to the authorities during the Legends event. She has not returned in any significant form since.

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