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Dor Valian is the son of the jeddak Senneth Dor and his concubine. In an attack by the Tharks, his mother died. Senneth Dor changed into a strict ruler and Dor Valian became interested in science.

Major Story Arcs

The Colossus of Mars

Senneth Dor was obsessed by the legend of the Colossus. When archeologists found the huge robot, Senneth Dor merged his body to the Colossus. Now towering over others, he started a rampage on Tharks and Helium. Dor Valian quickly designed and built an artifact that separated his father from the Colossus, upon which Dejah Thoris killed Senneth Dor. The Colossus, now again inert, fell on top of Dor Valian, killing him. His funeral was not attended by many people.

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