Character » Doorman appears in 83 issues.

    Herald of Oblivion and member of the Great Lakes Avengers.

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    Answering Mr. Immortal's call for "costumed adventurers", DeMarr Davis joined as Doorman. Doorman blames himself for the death of Grasshopper. Doorman also made "The Fallen" memorial at the Great Lakes Headquarters.

    During a battle against Maelstrom, Doorman sacrificed himself so Mr. Immortal could face Maelstrom. After his death, he replaced Deathurge as herald of Oblivion, so Doorman was brought back to life. While celebrating Christmas with the rest of the team, he had to leave and visit his father. DeMarr's father complained that DeMarr needed to get in the real world. He also stated that DeMarr had stupid powers and everybody else had better powers than him. Doorman then told his father that the real reason that he came was not to visit, but to take his soul to the afterlife. Mr. Davis was overjoyed with the fact that his son was of great importance. He just could not wait to brag to all of his friends in the afterlife. Doorman is one of the heroes that has complied with the Super-Human Registration Act.

    Personal Data


    • Height : 5"10'
    • Weight: 180 lbs
    • Eye Color: Brown
    • Hair Color: Black


    • Citizenship: USA
    • Identity: Known to the authorities
    • Education: Three years of graduate work and a four year undergraduate degree
    • Occupation: Adventurer, former construction worker, freedom fighter, soldier, space militia pilot
    • Known Relatives: Mr. Davis (Father),


    Doorman originally had very limited teleportation abilities. By pressing himself against a solid surface, people and things could pass through him and to the other side of that surface. For instance, if there were a door you couldn't get through, Doorman could press himself against it and then you could walk through him and past the door. His powers are connected to the Darkforce Dimension. Doorman also has limited flight abilities.

    After being made into the new herald of Oblivion, Doorman's powers have most likely been greatly enhanced, but this has largely gone unexplored.


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