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    A creature of unknown origin who was the cameraman of the X-Statix. Doop has his own language, but manages to make his general meanings clear somehow. Later, Doop learns English to communicate with Kitty Pryde.

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    The true origin of Doop and how he came to be is still unknown. It has been revealed that Doop has had a long history and friendship with the X-Man Wolverine. Wolverine can even understand Doop's language. How and when the two met for the first time is as of yet unrevealed. Doop first came onto the scene as the new X-Force's cameraman. The team was founded for one simple goal, making mutants hero celebrities. While the team would fight battles, sometimes against impossible odds, Doop would record it on camera for the TV shows. During this time, he helped his team out more then just once, but could not help seeing many of his teammates perish anyway.


    Doop was created by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred and first appeared in X-Force Vol. issue 116 (2001).

    Major Story Arcs

    X-Force and X-Statix

    Doop with X-force member Mr. Sensitive
    Doop with X-force member Mr. Sensitive

    Doop is well known throughout the superhero-community as well as a fan favorite to the t.v. watching audience. He is a close friend to the X-man Wolverine. After the death of X-force founding member U-Go Girl during one of the missions, the team changed it's name to X-Statix. Doop followed his teammates and joined the team. While in search for a replacement team-member to U-Go Girl, the team came across a mutant named Corkscrew. Already on his first try-out fight, this mutant killed a rival for the job. X-Statix figured out this was not the mutant they where looking for and asked Doop to 'take care of it". Doop then took Corkscrew out in the woods alone and "took care of him" by chopping him up with an axe.

    The Good and the Famous

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    In one of the X-Statix's missions, Doop's brain exploded, letting 5 pieces of his brain drop all over the world to different locations. While X-Statix tried to re-assemble the brain, they got rivalry from the superhero team known as the Avengers whom also joined together in order to re-assemble the parts of Doop's brain for their own purposes. A hunt for the brain parts started, with in most cases, X-Statix being the ones whom got away with the price. At the end of the hunt, Doop's brain was brought back together save one piece. This however did wake Doop up, since he was able to live and function on his second brain. He fought against Thor for the last part of his brain, won the fight and successfully restored his whole brain. In that fight, he also demonstrated that he is considered worthy enough by Thor's mystic hammer Mjolnir to lift and wield it. It was later suggested by Captain America that Doop was a weapon made by the US during the Cold War that was essential in the defeat of Russia. Doop allegedly died by gunfire along with the other X-Statix in their last mission. Although Doop returned in his own mini-series, turning out to not be dead. His survival remains unexplained but likely due to him returning to Doopspace.

    X-Men and 'Daap'

    Although Doop allegedly died by gunfire along with the other X-Statix members in their last mission, another creature with uncanny resemblance too Doop was found by Polaris and Havok in Costa Rica while on a mission for the X-Men. They named the being Daap. It is still unknown if the two are from the same species or if the resemblance is purely coincidental. It was later revealed that Doop himself had survived the final X-Statix mission and was trying to find a new home while working .

    Nation X and the Jean Grey School

    Doop and Wolverine solving a case
    Doop and Wolverine solving a case

    Doop appeared some months later during Nation X while trying to solve a mystery on the X-men home-base island of Utopia with his good friend Wolverine. He even followed Logan back to the newly rebuild Xavier school, now named the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, when Wolverine went back there with a few X-men after a fall out with Cyclops on Utopia. There Doop got a job as info-clerk for the school. Seemingly Doop was always relaxing and sleeping, much to the annoyance of other staff-members. This could however not be further from the truth as it turned out that Doop has long days and nights taking out possible threats to the Jean Grey School.

    Doop Speak

    Translation of Doop Speak, TRY IT it works!
    Translation of Doop Speak, TRY IT it works!

    When Doop first spoke in X-force 116, Doop's words where just non sensical texts. However, the code was cracked and Doop's language can now be read thanks to this handy guide. Try it yourself with any comic starring Doop in X-Statix, it is readable! (Image (c) and tm In Doops' mini-series All-New Doop, Doop learns English through a strange method. Making the translator unnecessary in issues later on.


    Doop has many powers and many that are unrevealed.

    While he has demonstrated certain abilities, other powers are attributed to him by various sources which are not clearly backed up by canon evidence. The powers he has actually shown are:

    The ability to extend a long, prehensile tongue.


    Energy blasts from a fragment of his brain.

    The power to inflate himself.

    Enough strength to knock down Thor.

    The power to protect himself and others from psychic or telepathic detection.

    Immunity to time manipulation.

    The power to safely have body parts removed and put back together.

    Storing improbably large objects inside himself.

    A small backup brain allows him to survive for a few days without his main brain.

    Possibly the ability to duplicate objects, as when he produced a swarm of hammers to attack Thor. (Or he may have simply been storing hammers in himself for some reason.)

    Doop's pimple also apparently contained a timeless pocket world in which living beings live out their nightmares.

    After a while, the members of X-Statix learn to understand "Doopspeak", even though there is no need for them to use it, since Doop is perfectly capable of understanding English.

    In Other Media


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    • Doop makes a cameo appearance in the Ultimate Spider-Man episode "Back in Black" as part of a fantasy sequence.

    Video Games

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    • Doop appears in Marvel Heroes.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Doop appeared in ToyBiz's Marvel Legends line as pack-in with a Deadpool figure.
    • Deadpool appeared in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Bowen Designs released a Doop bust.

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