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When Superman and other "S" heroes were retreating from the enhanced Doomsday clones, this creature appeared and claimed that he is "The Death of Doomsdays" and that the Earth must be destroyed. Not fully understanding who they're dealing with, Eradicator tried to battle Doomslayer, which ended in him being completely destroyed by an alien creature. Presumably, Doomslayer is a future version of Doomsday who gained intelligence, seeing how he regretted about killing Superman's friend. Doomslayer wants to end Doomsdays once and for all, starting from the original one. But Superman blocks Doomslayer's attack, saving Doomsday. By that time Steel had hacked the station's control and opened a gate to the outer space so the heroes could escape. Doomslayer noticed that they're slowing down the rate of the station, and that even with barrier between the universes breached, it won't end the Doomsday's menace. So he reversed the engine, so that the station could merely destroy a continent and then finish his mission by himself. Superman was the one who tried to slow the station down, apparently changing its course into the ocean, while Superboy, Steel and Supergirl negated the upcoming wave from the impact by using their abilities, which are Tactile Telekinesis, Gravitron Source and Freeze Breath. When the station lands, Doomslayer appears and says that those who keep recreating Doomsdays will be killed by them.

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