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    An indestructible robot created by the US government that merged with a human

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    The Doomsday man was created by the United States after the first Moon Landing. It was designed by Doctor Krontron. He was created to explore other planets and to survive and protect where man could not. It's armor was made to withstand any temperature or gravity, enabling it to even function on the Sun. They soon realised that this robot was indestructible and could not unleash it upon the world, as there was nothing that could stop it.

    The government build a massive concrete tomb on a remote island in the Pacific to house the robot. It obeyed it's orders to enter and once it did the tomb was sealed by remote control. Once sealed, the remote self-destructed so that no one could ever gain access ever again. The island was under constant guard under the US military.

    Many years later, monitors detected tremors coming from inside and realized that the Doomsday Man was no longer immobile. The United Nations gathered to discuss the threat. The Silver Surfer joined this meeting. Although the delegates could not agree, the Surfer knew he must do something. He took the creator and went to the island.

    The Surfer travelled under the tomb and made his way inside where they found the Doomsday Man acting without any commands. It attacked the Surfer under it's own will, and fought him, getting the best of him when it grabbed the creator of the robot, Dr. Krontron (who had went along with Surfer) and forcefully kidnapped him, which meant that Surfer was unable to attack it with his full power out of fear of hurting Krontron in the process. It then took a experimental cobalt bomb that had also been placed in the tomb so that it may never be used. Doomsday Man headed for the US mainland.

    However, this was all a plot of Dr. Krontron's. He planned to allow this to happen so that he could become wealthy from saving the world from his own creation via a control box still contained in the back of the robot. The Silver Surfer created a chasm to the Earth's core and Doomsday Man fell in. But as he scrambled to pull himself up he killed his creator by dragging him in with it before it fell. He and the robot then plummeted to the centre of the Earth. Surfer later destroyed the cobalt bomb as well, as it was too dangerous to let remain in the hands of the U.S military.

    Ms. Marvel

    Doomsday Man was recovered by AIM- a group that was interested in the Cosmic Cube. They attached him to an ICBM missile and launched it into space. Ms. Marvel caught up with Doomsday Man in space, but he had fallen to the Earth. Doomsday Man attacked Ms. Marvel while she recovered memories of her past. She remembered schematics of Doomsday Man, in particular a weakness in the back of his skull. Ms. Marvel punched through the weakness and deactivated Doomsday Man. The robot punched Ms. Marvel just as she fainted, and Kerwin Korman arrives at the scene. He attacks Ms. Marvel, enabling him to reach the Psyche-Magnitron but as he touches it, it explodes. Ms. Marvel survives and crawls away from the destruction. Doomsday Man and Korman were thought to be vaporised or buried under the rubble.


    However, the Kree Psyche-Magnitron had not destroyed the Doomsday Man robot, nor Korman- in fact, Korman had been forcefully absorbed into the suit itself as a living power source, being sustained by the suit and kept alive by it. Escaping from the rubble, he blamed Ms. Marvel for his current situation, and attempted to use the services of the Wrecking Crew to achieve his goal of kidnapping her as revenge, not only breaking them out of prison, but also being able to give them their powers back using the energy of the suit. After they failed in doing so after a fight with the Avengers, Korman did it himself.

    He is eventually located and tracked down by Iron Man, Justice (who had been advised to stay out of battle due to a concussion) Giant Man , and Wasp. Even with the assistance of Ms. Marvel, the team struggle to bring down the mech, and Justice in the process of using his telekinetic powers on the machine is interrupted and is attacked with a wild swing, breaking his leg in the process. The team at last destroy the robot only after Hank Pym and Janet enter the insides of the robot and broke open a small hole for Justice to enter with his powers, which was enough to completely crack and destroy the armour for good. Korman was found alive in the remains of the suit, but he was unable to be removed from it.

    The armor was again stolen by A.I.M, who unsuccessfully tried to repair the Doomsday Man suit. Having been unable to remove Korman from it, A.I.M removed his limbs to create a greater ease of access, and he seemed to be a lot more worse appearance wise, looking frail and now completely bald. A.I.M had the machine in storage when it broke out and escaped, smashing up the base in the process and letting out multiple experimental biological creatures. Ms. Marvel was eventually able to completely destroy the robot (considering it was unfinished and left for ruin for multiple years now) by herself, but not before ripping off the exoskeleton of Spider-Girl in the process and leaving her in a critical condition.

    Korman was eventually able to escape the suit after Marvel had completely destroyed it, and was last seen being taken into custody.


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