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The Origin of Doombringer


The man who would become Doombringer began as an unnamed US agent who was one of the best assasins in the Middle East. He was sent on a mission to support US intresets and provide military support in Dhakran against Russia in a civil war between the nations of Dhakran and Khotain.

The agent, with a wife and child waiting for him, decided that he would refuse any further assasination missions. It was then that he was asked by Mr. Taylor ( The director of the Uni-World Trading Corporation- a front for a secret US intelligence organization) to test the prototype for a new armor. Mr Taylor implied that harm may come to his wife and daughter if he were not to take this mission. Mr. Taylor had moved his wife and baby to the Uni-World Compound in the diputed territory between the warring nations in order to have leverage against the Agent and force him to comply.

While carrying out the mission, his wife and baby daughter were killed in a terrorist attack in which a bomb exploded on the Uni-World Compound. The agent sought revenge and began to carry out his own mission to trigger an atomic war between the US and Russia.

Doombringer and his Armor

Doombringer's armor acts as a powerful exoskeleton It has various capablities to include a forcefield that surrounds his entire body that can repel any force that is thrown at it. The costume is also equipped with adjustable weapons systems to include a retractable Kali knife on his right wrist, and retractable short spikes on his knuckles. His left wrist houses a device that shoots a deadly poison. The helmet has infrared vison as well as a limited oxygen supply (for instances where he may need to be underwater as he did in a battle with Luke Cage). The armor can also make doombringer appear invisible, and increases his strength.

The man inside the Doombringer armor has superior fighting and killing skills and athlete-level abilities. When a man of his ability is paired with the armor, he is a formidable match for any hero

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