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The Doombots are humanoid robots created by Doctor Doom. They are exact replicas of the real Doctor Doom. They were created to replace Doom in certain situations and were made with an advanced A.I. program which causes them to believe each is the real Doom. Doctor Doom designed two different types of replica: fighting Doombots and diplomat Doombots. They are used when Dr Doom is not confident that he would win.

All Doombots are programmed by Doctor Doom and include remote shut off in the case that one should rise against Doom himself.

Fighting Doombot

This version of Doombot bears no resemblance to Doctor Doom himself. They are programmed to protect and can usually be found in Castle Doom in Latveria or in any Latverian embassy around the world.

The design of the fighting Doombot has changed over the years but their purpose remains the same.

Diplomat Doombot

These Doombots are designed to trick others into believing that it is Doom himself. Doom uses these Doombots usually only with one making an appearance. He will use them to gauge his opponents, go to places not necessarily safe for his own person, espionage, sabotage, or an attack on his enemies.

The Power Cosmic

Doctor Doom once obtained the Power Cosmic by tricking the trusting Silver Surfer. The power eventually overwhelmed Doctor Doom for it was too much for a mortal to take in. A few months after he lost the power, he created a Doombot who could. It was sent into space following the Silver Surfer's energy signature, where it followed the Surfer for years, usually right behind him in his travels.

It eventually reached the Surfer on the planet Tanus and offered the Surfer a deal. The Surfer had been wanting to have his powers removed and the Doombot (pretending to be Dr. Doom) offered to remove it and relieve the suffering of the people of Tanus. The Surfer agreed and his power was transferred into the robot. The Doombot then destroyed the planet and took the Surfer as a prisoner. It eventually realized that it had all the power and it's maker was obsolete, and began a return journey to Earth to kill it's master and the Fantastic Four.

The Surfer was revived by Legacy and his power restored. He caught up with the robot and dismantled it and siphoned his energy back into himself before destroying it.

V Series

When Doctor Doom stole the Vibranium reserves of Wakanda during the Doomwar, he created the V Series Doombots. Made of Vibranium, these Doombots were incredibly durable and powerful. Only Vibranium would cause them any damage, but they were designed to gather information on their opponents in order to make the next series of Doombots much more powerful and resistant.

Two different types of V Series were created; a fighting robot with a humanoid form and a flying panther robot, most likely based on Bast, the panther god that allowed Doom to obtain the Vibranium.

Alternate Realities

In the MC2 Universe, Doom had escaped his prison located deep within the Atlantic Ocean. He had that time to devise a plan for world conquest which included an army of Doombots, all possessing the Power Cosmic. After capturing the members of the Fantastic Five, the Doombots quickly took control of the world, with only the A-Next to combat them.

The Doombots were stopped by Doom's fail-safe devices which were built into them.


Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 225 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown


As they are robots, they are immune to mental, emotional, and illusionary attacks.

Force Lightning: can shoot lightning from their gauntlets

Flight: each possess a jetpack

Super Hearing: parabolic hearing aids

Strength : Doombots have greater strength than that of normal humans

Healing: mechanical limbs and tools in the head allow them to re-construct the rest of their body

Electricity Discharge: can generate an electric shock; possessed by fighting Doombots

However they are less powerful than Dr Doom as he did not want them to become as powerful as him.

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