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Note: this is a page for the Doombot character featured in Avengers A.I., for all other Doombots use the Doombots team page.

Character Creation

Doombot first appeared in Civil War #2. He was created by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven. Like all Doombots, this one also thinks he is the real Doctor Doom, saying that it is beneath him to save innocent lives and constantly shouting "I am Doom!" when attacking.

Major Story Arcs

Marvel NOW!

In Marvel NOW! Doombot is in the care of Hank Pym, who has recreated the A.I. to work for him. He's currently a member of the artificial intelligence team of Avengers. If the robot turns against the team, Pym will activate the micro black hole that was implanted in Doombot's chest. Though Vision has been worrisome to Doombot's presence, he has shown great power in the mission where they rescued a hospital from S.H.I.E.L.D.-drones that were possessed by a new A.I., Dimitrios, that Hank Pym released when he defeated Ultron.

Powers & Abilities

Doombot possesses a great amount of strength, being able to destroy heavy objects. He acquires flight through the use of jets under his feet. Doombot also possesses the ability to shoot strong power blasts. Like other Doombots he is not easily destroyed and can heal himself by reconstructing limbs. Like the original, Doombot is very intelligent.


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