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    A robot with the personality of Doctor Doom kept in Hank Pym's lab. In the aftermath of Age of Ultron, he was given the chance to redeem himself.

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    Note: This is a page for the Doombot character who debuted in Avengers A.I., for all other Doombots use the Doombots team page.


    Hank's leftover Doombot head
    Hank's leftover Doombot head

    Hank Pym had a leftover Doombot head in his lab. Once he has convinced himself that A.I. is sentient, he could no longer “kill” any and decided to rebuild the Doombot. He placed a black hole in his chest controlled with time-release Pym particles in case the Doombot betrayed him, but he needed him for his new Avengers taskforce against the Dimitrios computer virus.

    Character Creation

    Doombot first appeared in Age of Ultron #10AI. He was created by Mark Waid and Andre Lima Araujo. Like all Doombots, this one also thinks he is the real Doctor Doom, saying that it is beneath him to save innocent lives and constantly shouting "I am Doom!" when attacking.

    Major Story Arcs

    Initiate: Avengers

    Avengers upload to The Diamond
    Avengers upload to The Diamond

    When the virus Hank Pym used to take out Ultron gained sentience and went rogue, taking the name Dimitrios, Monica Chang of SHIELD conscripted Pym to a new task force, which Doombot was made a part of. While still quoting Doctor Doom, he fought a number of threats alongside Vision, Victor Mancha, and their first rescue, Alexis.

    Dimitrios is tracked to an old oil rig off the coast of Africa. SHIELD greenlights an attack on it, destroying the A.I. sheltering there, but Monica gives Doombot and Victor a chance to perform a single rescue op before they take that action. It turns out to be a trap, and Victor ejects Doombot from the rig before it explodes, destroying Victor’s physical body and trapping him in The Diamond, Dimitrios digital safehouse.

    To rescue Victor and stop Dimitrios, Doombot uploads himself to The Diamond along with other Avengers. Once they find Victor, they combine their power to take out an app that is more than its surface service. Then, with a lead from Alexis, they needed to stop Dimitrios from infecting SHIELD’s internal networks and taking over their secret nanobot project. With the virtual world safe for now, the Avengers are convinced that The Diamond is worth preserving.

    The Runaways

    Doombot hates Chase
    Doombot hates Chase

    After the death of Pym, Doombot fell off the grid.

    He eventually showed back up when his old teammate, Victor, resurfaced with The Runaways after his own apparent death. He had grown to like Victor and spent a lot of time around the Runaways keeping an eye on him, including an invitation to their Christmas party. There, he got into a confrontation with Gib, who ended up disassembling him.

    Despite his annoyance for Doombot, Chase pledged to rebuild his body as a favor to Victor. He even removed the miniature black hole that was keeping his morality in check. Without it controlling him, he started to regress to villainy, but Victor was able to convince him to embrace his new heroism.

    Eventually, after a lot of reluctance, he accepted an invitation to move into the Hostel. The Runaways were just taken advantage of by Doc Justice, and Doombot admitted to wanting to keep a closer eye on Victor to keep him safe.

    Now, he was essentially a member of the team.


    In court with She-Hulk and Victor
    In court with She-Hulk and Victor

    Doombot found himself arrested on a routine traffic stop in New York City. A district attorney, looking to prove themself tough on crime, has decided to hold Doombot responsible for all of Doctor Doom's crimes, mostly because Doombot compulsively yells "I am Doom!"

    After bailing him out of prison, Victor Mancha contacts their friend, Awesome Andy, to get help from She-Hulk. They needed her help defending Doombot and proving his identity separate from his creator. Victor believed this was important so Doombot had a reason to be better.

    Luckily, Doombot had plenty of alibis for Doom's various terroristic threats, and with a defensive strategy describing him as "as much Doom as Teddy Ruxpin is a grizzly bear," the judged dropped all charges except the jaywalking. This was the first victory for Mallory Book's new law firm.

    Powers & Abilities

    Doombot possesses a great amount of strength, being able to destroy heavy objects. He acquires flight through the use of jets under his feet. Doombot also possesses the ability to shoot strong power blasts. Like other Doombots he is not easily destroyed and can heal himself by reconstructing limbs. Like the original, Doombot is very intelligent.


    Ultron Forever

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    400 years in the future, Doombot, pretending to be that time’s Doctor Doom, uses the time platform to bring forth six Avengers from various points in the timeline: Hulk, Thor, James Rhodes (as Iron Man), Danielle Cage (as Captain America), Jane Foster (as Thor), Black Widow, and Vision, who accidentally hitched a ride with Black Widow as a surprise seventh Avenger and is the only member to recognize Doombot from the A.I. Avengers Squad. Doombot needed their help taking out a new Ultron strain, upgraded with Asgardian enchantments, who had taken over the world and enslaved its people.

    Doombot’s Avengers are successful in defeating the All-Father Ultron, giving Doom the opportunity to take over as the new God of Machines. The enslaved people and Ultron’s mainframes were now under his control, as Doom’s failsafe code programmed into Doomboat activated upon Doctor Doom’s apparent death. The Avengers retreated to Asgardia to strategize what to do next. They attempted to fight the endless robot army with the recently liberated forces of Asgard, but it was Vision’s heart-to-heart with Doombot that convinced him to choose peace.


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