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"Very very very shortly, this drab, workaday world and everything in it will be changed forever! Follow us into the golden country, into the empire of the senseless!"

Just as the old Doom Patrol has yielded to its newer and even stranger incarnation, the old Brotherhood of Evil is no more -- but what will rise to take its place? Only something that properly reflects the insanity of modern life can hope to fill its shoes -- and that something is the Brotherhood of Dada!

Mr. Nobody! Sleepwalk! The Fog! The Quiz! Together they will bring a reign of unreason to an unsuspecting world, harnessing the untapped powers of ideas and symbols to transform reality itself into absurdist theater -- unless the reconstituted Doom Patrol can find a way to stop them. But with all of existence in danger of being reduced to a nonsensical punch line, can even the World's Strangest Heroes find a happy ending for this lethal farce? And if so, will they have enough strength left to face the terrors that are waiting in the wings?

There's only one way to find out!

"When we're finished, you'll be able to go anywhere because it will all be yours! Let me tell you, I have Oh! such plans for us all!"


The long-awaited second collection of superstar writer Grant Morrison's groundbreaking run on DOOM PATROL, this new trade paperback reprints issues #26-34. This collection includes the rise of the legendary Brotherhood of Dada - the only team of super-foes ever strange enough to rival the Doom Patrol itself - as well as the menace of the Decreator and the return of Monsieur Mallah and the Brain from the original Brotherhood of Evil. In addition, THE PAINTING THAT ATE PARIS features never-before-seen character conceptual sketches drawn by Morrison and a new cover by Brian Bolland.


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