Doom Patrol: Musclebound #1

    Doom Patrol: Musclebound » Doom Patrol: Musclebound #1 - Muscle Bound released by DC Comics on September 2006.

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    A new chapter begins for the World's Strangest Heroes with MUSCLEBOUND, collecting issues #42-50 of the surreal series written by Grant Morrison. Revealing the secret origin of Flex Mentallo and the terrifying secret beneath the Pentagon, MUSCLEBOUND also features the subtle menace of the Beard Hunter and more!


    Reality has always been flexible around the Doom Patrol -- a bit too flexible, if you're looking for some peace and quiet, or even just a reasonably smooth patch in the space/time continuum. But for the World's Strangest Heroes, staving off the annihilation of free will or the reformatting of the universe into an artistic statement is all in a day's work -- not to mention the everday assassination attempts and visits from Satan.

    Yes, from the sinister workings of the Ant Farm deep beneath the Pentagon to the inevitable return of the New New New Brotherhood of Dada, threats to the very structure of existence continue to bubble up -- clotted accumulations of a century's worth of madness, poised to consume humanity's last shreds of sanity and plunge the world into a never-ending fever nightmare. In these showdowns, only the weirdest will survive -- fortunately, nobody out-weirds the Doom Patrol!


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