Doom Patrol: Magic Bus #1

    Doom Patrol: Magic Bus » Doom Patrol: Magic Bus #1 - Magic Bus released by DC Comics on January 2007.

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    The collection of comics savant Grant Morrison's legendary run on DOOM PATROL continues in this fifth trade paperback volume reprinting issues #51-57. Featuring the final fate of the Brotherhood of Dada and the rise of the unstoppable Candlemaker, DOOM PATROL VOL. 5 also includes the delightful Jack Kirby tribute issue "And Men Shall Call Him -- HERO!" as well as a new cover by the incomparable Brian Bolland.


    For the World's Strangest Heroes, if it's not one thing it's another -- or quite possibly both at the same time. No sooner do hey vanquish the menace of the Avatar in the bowels of a newly circle-shaped Pentagon than Mr. Nobody and his brand-new slate of merry Dadaists rear up and hit the campaign trail, ready to take the already high levels of absurdity which define a presidential campaign and turn up the insanity to the level of art!

    Fortunately, the Doom Patrol ar no strangers to fighting weirdness with even greater weirdness. But crack have begun to appear in their patchwork facade of unity, and once the oddballs start rolling their own ways in earnest, it'll be that much harder for those who remain to see the danger growing in their midst -- a menace that threatens not just the team, but all the world as well!


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